Organizational Structure

The R&D Directorate is headed by a Director of Research under the direct supervision of the VPREL. Under the Director is an Assistant Director and four departments: 1)Technical department (TD), 2) General Services Department (GSD), 3) Special Projects and Activities (SPA), and 4) Knowledge and Technology Management and Monitoring and Evaluation (KTMME).

Each department is divided into sections: TD - 1) Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Natural Resources and Environment 2) Natural Sciences 3) Social Sciences, Humanities, and Education, 4) Health, 5) Natural Sciences, 6) Interdisciplinary Sciences and 7) Business, Engineering and Industry; GSD - 1) Laboratory, 2) Seed banking, and 3) Farm operations and motorpool; SPA - 1) Domestic projects and 2) Foreign-assisted projects; KTMME - 1) Monitoring and Evaluation, 2) Publication, Communication, and Technical Records Management, 3) Technology Commercialization and Intellectual Property Management. The activities of the departments and sections are coordinated by the respective department head and section chief. Each academic unit of the university has its College Research Coordinator who acts as the arm of the Dean to oversee the planning, implementation, and evaluation of R&D programs in the college and at the same time serves as thelink of the Directorate to the colleges. The section chiefs under the Technical Department have counterparts in the colleges where researches are along the disciplines under each section.

Duties and Functions

  • Manages the day-to-day operations of the office of the Vice President for Research, Extension and Linkages (VPREL).
  • Spearheads the development of policies for the R&D, extension and production function of the university.
  • Coordinates the planning, monitoring and implementation of the different plans, programs and projects of the three directorates under the VPREL.
  • Develops strategies to strengthen linkages with the national and international R&D and extension institution.
  • Represent the university in meetings, conferences and other activities related to R&D and extension upon instruction of the university President.
  • Acts as the officer-in-charge of the university when both the University President and Vice President for Academic Affairs are out.
  • Does other work as maybe assigned by the University President.
  • Assists the VPREL in the general supervision of the R&D programs and projects of the university.
  • Oversees, monitors and evaluates the implementation of the research programs of the university and ensures prompt availability or dissemination of research findings for the benefit of the target clientele through direct linkage with the extension service and other means, unless the research is classified as affecting national security.
  • Acts as liaison in the implementation of the research procurement program and in the release of funds for research operations.
  • Prepares reports and, when circumstances warrant, represents the VPREL in attending meetings and conferences and in receiving visitors.
  • Assists in the planning and monitoring of R&D projects.
  • Performs other related services as may be delegated by the VPREL.
  • Assist the DOR in the general supervision and coordination of the R&D programs/projects and resources in their respective department.
  • Spearhead the planning/formulation of R&D thrusts and programs.
  • Undertake through a pool of technical experts, preliminary evaluation of research proposals either for GAA or external funds and critiquing/editing of scientific/technical reports submitted by project/study leaders.
  • Consolidate and submit to the office of the DOR the research highlights and generated information and technologies under their respective department for inclusion in the R&D annual report and related reports such as those required by the DBM and endorsing councils of the DOST.
  • Perform other related services as may be delegated by the VPREL or DOR.
  • Spearhead the planning of activities under the respective section.
  • Oversee, evaluate, and monitor the implementation of activities under the section.
  • Consolidate/Make section's periodic reports and submit to the Department Head.
  • Perform other research-related services as may be delegated by the Department Head or the DOR