Patents/Utility Models

Invention Patent # Inventor(s) Date Issued Product Category Purpose
Process of detoxifying karrot 22018000754 Noralyn Legazpi VIna May Cabugon Christine Quiapo Lea Agbigay 03/20/2019 Utility Model The utility model has its object the process of detoxifying or removing the toxic content of “karot” (Dioscorea hispida. ‘Karot’ is a local favorite food and is very promising for the product development but the bottleneck to explore its potential is a sanitary detoxification process, considering that the traditional method is considered unsanitary. The developed process is deemed more sanitary and yielded to edible detoxified ‘karot’. This now pave the way for a more extensive work on the utilization of ‘karot’ for food product development.
Multi-fuel dryer 22017000445 Zaldy A. Fernandez 02/06/2019 Utility Model The multi-fuel dryer relates generally to dryer equipment’s/ devices using multi-fuel such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), electricity and combustible material such as wood, charcoal, saw dust, rice hull, corn stalks, sugarcane stalks, coconut shell/husk or the likes. The said device is used to dry fish, fruits, leaves (malungay and tabacco leaves) grains, clothes and used to baked foods. It is designed , constructed and fabricated s a drying, yet it is a multi-fuel and multi-purpose in function as a dryer and/or oven that can be used to process different types of products by using heat convection. With its unique features and design, the present utility model is a one device that generate heat from different types of fuels. The heat generated by the fuels is passes through up-ward convection in the walls of the combustion chamber. The fuels such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), electricity, the combustible material such as wood, charcoal, sawdust, rice hull, corn stalks, sugarcane stalks, coconut shell/husk or the likes could be used at the same time or any one of the said fuel. Also, it has a feature of two-in-one device in which it could be utilized as a drying device or an oven device and it could be used both process of drying and oven at the same time on one of each product chamber box.
Process of Preparing “kamangeg” (Dioscorea luzunensis) cheesecake 22017000210 Noralyn B. Legazpi Lea C. Agbigay Vina Cabugon Christine B. Quiapo 05/28/2018 Utility Model The utility model pertains to a process of producing cheesecake utilizing “kamangeg” (Dioscorea luzonensis); its main ingredient comprising of 100% yam puree, a crust to give strength to the cake, and a topping to make it more palatable and appealing. Specifically, the ingredients consist of: 1. For the cheesecake: 1.5 box (8Oz) cream cheese, 7T white sugar,1/8 all-purpose cream,1 ¼ cup yam puree, and 2 pc egg. 2. For the crust: 1 cup graham crumbs, 1/8 cup whte sugar, and 2T melted butter; 3. For the toppings: 1 cup java plum and 1 cup white sugar.
Composition of canton noodles made from seaweed “kanot-kanot” (Eucheuma gelitanae) 22017000286 Susan G. Aquino Erle G. Damaso Delia A. Rebucal Zenaida M. Agngarangayngay 05/28/2018 Utility Model This Utility model pertains to the composition of seaweed canton noodles utilizing a seaweed specie known kanot-kanot particularly known as Eucheuma gelatinae. The seaweed noodle is composed of 70% kanot-kanot powder and 30% all-purpose, egg vegetable oil, and water. Make a dough, strip, cut into desired length and cook with oil. Coil and let it drip then packed.
An apparatus for reflux distillation of hydrous ethanol 22015000043 Nathaniel Ericson R. Mateo Shirley C. Agrupis Roque U. Ulep Fiorello B. Abenes 05/28/2018 Utility Model The improved apparatus for reflux distillation of hydrous ethanol comprising of: a closed fired furnace assembly, a reflux kettle assembly, a reflux column assembly, a secondary stage condenser assembly, a platform assembly, and a cooling tower assembly. It is an apparatus capable of producing 95% fuel grade hydrous ethanol from multifeed stock in the first distillation is equipped with instrumentation and control for safe and efficient operation for the village scale hydrous ethanol production.