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Invention Process of Making Urea Molasses Mineral Block for Growing Sheep
Patent # 22015000042
Inventor(s) Benito B. Balneg; Diana A. Pastor
Date Issued 06/04/2016
Product Urea Molasses Mineral Block for Growing Sheep
Category Utility Model
Purpose A process of making urea-molasses mineral block comprising the steps of: a) weighing predetermined amount of rice bran, liquid molasses, urea, cement, feed grade monocalcium phosphate, and salt; b) mixing the pre-weighed molasses and urea in a basin; c) stirring the mixture thoroughly until urea is dissolved, set aside; d) mixing the pre-weighed cement with water to produce cement paste; e) combining the said cement paste with the mixture from step c, set aside; f) mixing the pre-weighed salt and fedd grade monocalcium phosphate; g) combining the mixtures from step e and f; h) adding gradually the predetermined amount of rice bran in the mixture from step g; i) mixing the mixture from step h by hand until a uniform consistency is attained; and j) packing the mixture by pouring into a plastic bag; and k) air drying of packed mixture until it solidifies. .