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Invention Composition of Gluten Free Flour with Dioscorea luzonensis (Kamangeg)
Patent # 22016000412
Inventor(s) Noralyn B. Legaspi; Lea C. Agbigay
Date Issued 09/21/2016
Product Gluten Free Flour with Dioscorea luzonensis (Kamangeg)
Category Utility Model
Purpose This utility model pertains to a flour composition containing 70-90% Dioscorea luzonensis (kamangeg) flour and 10-30% tapioca flour. The kamangeg flour is processed from enlarge root of underutilized lesser known yam species, D. luzonensis. The gluten-free Dioscorea luzonensis flour is proven to be a good primary ingredient of a wide variety of baked products and native delicacies. The flour is a good alternative to commercially available flour and can be offer as a good substitute in making gluten-free food products for gluten-intolerant people.