Patent/Utility Model Details

Invention Composition of a Mutton Sausage
Patent # 22016000415
Inventor(s) Corazon Diana Pastor; Benito B. Balneg; Roseminda R. Sair
Date Issued 09/21/2016
Product Mutton Sausage
Category Utility Model
Purpose This utility model relates to a food product but more particularly to a composition of mutton sausage which provide the consumers with healthy diets and nutritious foods. The composition of a mutton sausage comprises the following ingredients: 61.76% mutton/lamb, 0.91% table salt, 0.31% phosphate, 0.31 vitamin C, 3.65 % chilled water, 3.65 % textured vegetable protein, 0.15% carrageenan, 7.31 %water, 10.96% sugar, 0.46% ground black pepper, 1.83% finely chopped garlic, 0.31 % paprika, 1.83% white wine and 1.83% pineapple juice, 0.15 % monosodium glutamate and 4.58 % potato starch.