Patents/Utility Models

Invention Patent # Inventor(s) Date Issued Product Category Purpose
Composition of a mutton sausage 22016000415 Corazon Diana Pastor Benito B. Balneg Roseminda R. Sair 09/21/2016 Utility Model This utility model relates to a food product but more particularly to a composition of mutton sausage which provide the consumers with healthy diets and nutritious foods. The composition of a mutton sausage comprises the following ingredients: 61.76% mutton/lamb, 0.91% table salt, 0.31% phosphate, 0.31 vitamin C, 3.65 % chilled water, 3.65 % textured vegetable protein, 0.15% carrageenan, 7.31 %water, 10.96% sugar, 0.46% ground black pepper, 1.83% finely chopped garlic, 0.31 % paprika, 1.83% white wine and 1.83% pineapple juice, 0.15 % monosodium glutamate and 4.58 % potato starch.
Method of producing crispy corn snack (Chichacorn) 22015000337 Angelina A. Tagay Leah I. Ballesteros 07/25/2016 Utility Model The utility model pertains to a method of processing crispy corn snack or chichacorn, comprising the steps of: boiling dried glutinous white corn; washing the boiled corn to remove the pericarp or its outer skin; drying the tenderized glutinous corn kernels; deep frying the dried tenderized glutinous corn with vegetable oil; and seasoning said tenderized, dried, and fried glutinous corn kernels with desired flavor.
Method of making ready to cook glutinous corn kernels 220150003 Angelina A. Tagay 07/25/2016 Utility Model The utility model pertains to a method of making ready to cook glutinous corn kernels as corn snacks. The present utility model comprises of selecting, drying, boiling with lime, washing, soaking, rewashing and draining, reboiling, rewashing and draining, sun drying and sorting. Sun drying said tenderized glutinous corn kernels under the sun for at least three days to remove moisture. Sorting the fully dried tenderized glutinous corn kernels to remove impurities and overcooked corn kernel and packing into suitable containers to avoid contamination and spoilage and ready for cooking into desired foodstuffs.
Process of making urea molasses mineral block for growing sheep 22015000042 Benito B. Balneg Diana A. Pastor 06/04/2016 Utility Model A process of making urea-molasses mineral block comprising the steps of: a) weighing predetermined amount of rice bran, liquid molasses, urea, cement, feed grade monocalcium phosphate, and salt; b) mixing the pre-weighed molasses and urea in a basin; c) stirring the mixture thoroughly until urea is dissolved, set aside; d) mixing the pre-weighed cement with water to produce cement paste; e) combining the said cement paste with the mixture from step c, set aside; f) mixing the pre-weighed salt and fedd grade monocalcium phosphate; g) combining the mixtures from step e and f; h) adding gradually the predetermined amount of rice bran in the mixture from step g; i) mixing the mixture from step h by hand until a uniform consistency is attained; and j) packing the mixture by pouring into a plastic bag; and k) air drying of packed mixture until it solidifies. .
Process of producing kamangeg flour 22015000531 Noralyn B. Legaspi Lea C. Agbigay 04/05/2016 Utility Model This utility model pertains to the process of producing flour using Dioscorea.luzonensis, a species of the less-known yam which is locally known as ‘kamangeg’. ‘Kamangeg’flour contains low-gluten, hence, has a health advantage over the other kind of flour in the market. The said flour is proven to be suitable in food products preparations specially baked items.