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Research Details

Research Title Genomic DNA Yield in Cattle Using Different Methods of Isolation
Researcher(s) Don Carlo Batara
Research Category Project
Research Status completed
Duration Aug 01, 2014 to Aug 31, 2015 (1 years)
Commodity Livestock
Research Site(s)
Source of Fund(s)

High quantity, purity and integrity of nucleic acids from blood are essential to molecular researches such as microsatellites, indexing and genotyping among others. This study was carried out to compare the quality, quantity and purity of genomic DNA from whole blood extracted using different protocols and to determine a cost effective and time efficient method of genomic DNA isolation. Extracted genomic DNA from whole blood samples and FTA cards obtained from cattle were compared in terms of quantity (concentration of DNA extracted) and quality (260/280 ratio) by LSD. In whole blood, protocol 1 yields the highest DNA concentration of 157.38 ng/µl and is above the acceptable range (50 ng/µl) however its purity of 1.55 OD 260/280 is below the desired range (1.8-2 OD 260/280) while Protocol 3 yielded reasonable concentration (82.38 ng/µl) and quality (1.82 OD 260/280) of DNA. For genomic DNA extracted from FTA cards, Protocol 1 yielded the highest concentration (9.10 ng/µl) and purity (1.77 OD 260/280) pf DNA. This study provides a standard procedure for DNA isolation considering the concentration and purity of extracts. It also gives a baseline information of the protocol for FTA cards that could be further explored and optimized to isolate DNA for down streaming.