Grant-in-aid Projects

Externally funded researches of Mariano Marcos State University.

Research Title Duration
Strengthening the Bamboo Production System in Ilocos Norte2022 - 2022
PProcess and Product Optimization of Black Garlic used as Flavor Enhancer2022 - 2023
Foregrounding MMSU Students’ Standpoints on Philippine Popular Arts: Bases in Designing and Developing Teaching-Learning Materials2022 - 2024
Prevalence and Influencing Risk Factors of Health Conditions among Tobacco Farmers2022 - 2022
Strategic resilience in the subnational (Municipal) border-communities along the Bislak River: Exploring opportunities for inter-local climate change governance in Ilocos Norte2021 - 2022
Productivity Assessment of the Faculty Members of the College of Business, Economics and Accountancy, Mariano Marcos State University2021 - 2022
Assessment of the reproductive biology, ecology and biomass production of porhyra in Northwestern Luzon2021 - 2021
Establishing baseline agriculture performance and rural development indicators in Ilocos Norte2021 - 2021
Surfacing Ilokano Knowledge Systems in Banga-Tupi-Suka (BTS) Ilokano Industries for Educational Valuation2021 - 2022
Technology Franchising of the Village Scale Nipahol Technology (VSNPT) for Community Empowerment During the Pandemic2021 - 2022
Technology Franchising of the Village Scale - Nipahol Production Technology (VSNPT) for Community Empowerment during the Pandemic2021 - 2022
Technology Franchising of Village-Scale Nipahol Technology (VSNPT) for Community Empowerment During Pandemic2021 - 2022
Graduate Tracer Study of BS Entrepreneurship Graduates, SY 2013-2014 TO SY 2017-20182021 - 2022
Collection, Characterization, Conservation, and Improvement of Garlic Genetic Resources in the Philippines2021 - 2023
Establishment of DOST-PCAARRD-MMSU Agri-aqua Technology Business Incubator2021 - 2022
National Garlic and other agri-food condiments R & D Center2021 - 2023
A Game-based Mobile Learning Platform for Social Studies2021 - 2021
Value Chain Analysis of Garlic in the Philippines2021 - 2023
Massive Malunggay Seedling Production2021 - 2021
Process and Product Optimization of Black Garlic Used as Flavor Enhancer2021 - 2022
Sustaining the Ilocano Culture through Contextualization of Indigenous Knowledge System and Development of Culture-sensitive and Science-based Education Platform2021 - 2022
Improvement of Garlic Productivity through Integrated Crop Management System2021 - 2023
Development and Evaluation of Village Level Low-Cost Storage Structure for Garlic2021 - 2023
Enhanced Usability and Profitability of Garlic through Black Garlic Processing2021 - 2023
Exploring the Paraphrasing Skills of College Freshman Students and Its Implications to Language Teaching and Learning2020 - 2021
Bio-intensive Gardening (BIG) – Panlaban sa COVID-19 para sa Ilocos2020 - 2022
Production of Ethyl Alcohol (70%) using MMSU’s Proprietary Fermentation and Distillation Protocols2020 - 2021
Production of Facemask and laboratory gowns to combat COVID-192020 - 2021
Gender-based Tracer Study of the BS Accountancy Graduates SY 2014-2015 to SY 2017-20182020 - 2021