Grant-in-aid Projects

Externally funded researches of Mariano Marcos State University.

Research Title Duration
Component 3. Development of sustainable seed support system through community-based approach2019 - 2021
Component 2. Promotion of developed shallot technologies2019 - 2021
Component 1. Integrating Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and cultural management strategies to enhance the production of quality bulbs and true seeds in shallot2019 - 2021
Enhancing the productivity of shallot through the development of sustainable seed system and promotion of technologies aligned to GAP standards2019 - 2021
Establishment, Restoration, Maintenance and Protection of Nipa Stand for Bioethanol Production.2019 - 2021
Determination of Physicochemical properties of Fresh and Fermented Nipa sap for Higher Bioethanol Production2019 - 2019
Establishment of Nipa R&D Support Facility, Productivity Assessment of Existing Nipa Stands in Regions 1 & 2 and Coordination of the National Nipa Plantation Project.2019 - 2019
Project 2. Sustaining MMSU IP-TBM office and enhancing IP-TBM offices among member agencies of the Ilocos Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development Consortium2019 - 2021
NTA Customer Satisfaction Survey 20182019 - 2019
2019 Customer Satisfaction Survey for National Tobacco Administration2018 - 2019
Multi-location adaptability trial of registered garlic varieties and other cultivars in Region 1,2 and CAR2018 - 2020
Biophysical and climatic characterization of potential garlic growing areas in Regions 1, 2 and CAR (Study1)2018 - 2020
Adaptability of registered garlic varieties and other cultivars in Regions 1, 2 and CAR (Study2)2018 - 2020
Phenological events and pest and disease incidence of registered garlic varieties and other cultivars at different planting dates in Regions 1, 2 and CAR (Study 3)2018 - 2020
Promotion of garlic production technologies in the identified potential growing areas and strengthening of partnership with stakeholders through IEC materials, field day and techno fora (Study 4)2018 - 2020
2018 Stakeholders’ Satisfaction Survey for Northern Foods Corporation2018 - 2019
Development of Anti-Inflammatory Herbal Products from Iluko Indigenous Plants. Funded by the Department of Science and Technology.2018 - 2019
Strengthening and sustaining the intellectual property and technology business management (IP-TBM) operations of MMSU2018 - 2020
Smarter Approaches to Reinvigorate Agriculture as an Industry in the Philippines (SARAI) Phase 2: Project 1.5 Evaluation of crop growth simulation models for tomato, May 2018 – April 2021)2018 - 2021
Enhancing glutinous corn production through innovative extension delivery system in Ilocos region2018 - 2020
Sustainable production, marketing and utilization of true-to-type Bolinao Chicken in Ilocos region2018 - 2021
Technology transfer and partnership with the private sector towards sustainable production of Bolinao chicken2018 - 2021
Genetic improvement program for bolinao chicken through conventional and molecular breeding approaches (Study 1)2018 - 2021
Sustainable feeding and management systems for Bolinao chicken2018 - 2021
Post-harvest handling and marketing and marketing of dived sea cucumber in Region I2018 - 2021
Establishment of nipa R&D support facility, productivity assessment of existing nipa stands in Region 1&2 and coordination of the National nipa plantation projects2018 - 2020
NGP Project of NBERIC under mapping productivity assessment and management of nipa strands in the Philippines2018 - 2021
2017 Stakeholders’ Satisfaction Survey for Northern Foods Corporation. Mariano Marcos State University2017 - 2018
2017 Northern Food Corporation Stakeholders' Satisfaction Survey2017 - 2018
Identifying Suitable Site for Small Scale Irrigation Projects Through GIS-Based Map in Region 1.2017 - 2019