R&D Thrusts and Programs

The university R&D Agenda and Programs includes an array of researchable areas/activities along the eight fields of science: agriculture, business and economics, industry and energy, education, fisheries, health, forestry, and environment.

Research Title Duration
Local Observations, Evidences and Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change Impacts for Resilient Rice-Based Production System in Ilocos Norte2013 - 2015
SNP and association analysis of growth hormone gene and physical traits among bovine breeds in Ilocos by using PCR-RFLP2013 - 2015
Inventory and Assessment of Superior Mother Trees of Dipterocarps and Other Indigenous Timber Species in Ilocos Norte2013 - 2014
Development of Integrated Computer-based R&D Directorate Management Information Systems of the Mariano Marcos State University, City of Batac, Ilocos Norte2013 - 2015
On-Farm Evaluation of Promising Varieties of Eggplant (Study 3)2013 - 2013
Development of Nursery Techniques of Seed-Grown Dipterocarps and Other Indigenous Timber Species2013 - 2017
Development of Indigenous Food Plants Databank System (IFPDS)2013 - 2014
Spatio-Temporal Analysis in Seaweed Gathering and Marketing in Selected Coastal Areas in Ilocos Norte2012 - 2014
Growth Responses of Kawayan Tinik (Bambusa blumeana) Seedlings Using Different Potting Mixtures2012 - 2015
Commercialization of the Chemical-Free Production Technology in Bottlegourd2012 - 2015
Documentation of Dipterocarp Species in Second Growth Forest in Selected Municipalities of Ilocos Norte2012 - 2015
Growth Performance of Lamb Raised in an Organic Ecosystem2012 - 2016
Assessment and Mitigation of Air Pollutants in Selected Agro-Industrial Operations at MMSU: Towards an Eco-friendly Environment (Program)2012 - 2015
Characterization and Measurement of Air Quality in Outdoor/Indoor Spaces (Project 1)2012 - 2015
Inventory/Assessment of Alginophytes in the Waters Off Ilocos Norte2012 - 2014
Formulation and Evaluation of Different Mutton Recipes2012 - 2015
Development of Strategies for Lamb Production in an Organic Ecosystem2012 - 2016
Inventory, Assessment and Utilization of Sargassum spp. in Ilocos Norte2012 - 2014
Development of Propagation Protocols for Selected Dipterocarps and Other Indigenous Timber Species by Wildlings2012 - 2017
Documentation of Phenology of Plants as Indicator of Climate Change Effects (Study 1)2012 - 2015
Assessment of Potential Exposures of Passengers and Operators to Air Pollutants (Study 2)2012 - 2015
Optimization of Methane Production Through Co-Digestion (Study 1)2012 - 2015
Assessment of Biogas Yield as Affected by Loading Rate (Study 2)2012 - 2015
Development of Improved Propagation Techniques for Dipterocarps and Other Indigenous Timber Species in Ilocos Norte2012 - 2017
Resource Assessment and Evaluation of Dipterocarps and Premium Indigenous Timber Species in Ilocos Norte2012 - 2017
Modeling of the Air Quality Impacts of Trikes and Other Vehicles at the MMSU Campus (Project 2)2012 - 2015
Assessment of Air Quality in Selected Project Facilities (e.g., Livestock project, Biochar production, Organic Fertilizer production, Feed mill) (Study 2)2012 - 2015
Assessment of Indoor Air Quality Parameters in Selected Laboratories of Mariano Marcos State University (Study 1)2012 - 2015
Documentation on the Phenology and Pests Occurrence of Major Crops Grown in Ilocos Norte (Project)2012 - 2015
Performance Evaluation of Biogas Plants (Project 4)2012 - 2015