R&D Thrusts and Programs

The university R&D Agenda and Programs includes an array of researchable areas/activities along the eight fields of science: agriculture, business and economics, industry and energy, education, fisheries, health, forestry, and environment.

Research Title Duration
Biomass Indigenous Microorganisms-based (BIMOs-based) Bioconversion of Lignocellulosic Biomass to Bioethanol2022 - 2023
Mental Health Assessment of MMSU Employees Towards Policy-Making2022 - 2023
Antropolohikal na Pagsusuri ng mga Lokal na Ekonomiyang Pamumuhay (Subsistence Econmies) sa Ilocos Norte2022 - 2024
Enhancing Bamboo Stands Productivity for Sustainable Poles and Shoot Production2022 - 2024
Teachers’ Experiences and Challenges in Online Teaching2022 - 2023
Online Learning Realities and Coping Strategies of Pre-Service Teachers2022 - 2023
Development of a Vehicle Alarm System with Global Systems for Mobile Communications Technology2022 - 2023
Roles of Parent and Community in Online Learning2022 - 2023
Dynamics of Tropical Cyclone Activity in Northern Luzon2022 - 2023
Promotion and Marketing of Pigeon Pea Nutri-Based Products2022 - 2024
Real-time Statistical Analysis and Database Development2022 - 2023
Parents’ Perspectives in Online Teaching2022 - 2023
Biocontrol Methods for Fall Army Worm (FAW) of High-Value Crops in Ilocos Norte using Entomopathogenic Nematodes (EPN)2022 - 2024
Development and Formulation of Pigeon Pea Nutri-Based Products2022 - 2024
Collection, Identification, Production and Conservation of Promising Bamboo Species2022 - 2027
Characterization and Management of Major Lowland and Upland Soils in the Ilocos Norte2022 - 2025
Evaluation of different for bamboo species in different agro-ecological zones in Ilocos Norte2022 - 2027
Development of hydrological hazard information map and remote-sensing based cropping calendar in Ilocos Norte2022 - 2023
A Survey of the News and Information Literacy of MMSU Employees and Students: Basis in Designing a Media Literacy Training2022 - 2023
In Silico Studies of Maillard Reaction-Related Compounds of Black Garlic for Neurodegenerative Disease Targets2022 - 2022
Research and Development Strides of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Technologies Generated by the Mariano Marcos State University2022 - 2022
Evaluation and community Engagement on the Oplan Saguip Quiaoit River Project2022 - 2022
Media Literacy: Basis in Designing a Media Literacy Training for MMSU Employees, Students and Ilokano Youth2022 - 2023
Development of Smart Inland Pond System and Information Tools for land-Based Aquatic Systems2022 - 2023
Profiling the Agriculture and Natural Resources Technologies Developed by the Mariano2022 - 2022
Socio-demographic Profile and Social Change and Development Impact of MMSU-CAS Alumni2022 - 2023
Specific Assessment and Efficacy of Entomopathogenic Nematodes on Fall Army Worm in Ilocos Norte2022 - 2024
Collection and Identification of Entomopathogenic Nematodes in Ilocos Norte2022 - 2024
Documentation of the Coffee Industry in Ilocos Norte2022 - 2024
Development of Value-Adding Products and By-Product Utilization of Cassava for Subsistence Households (Study 3)2022 - 2023