R&D Thrusts and Programs

The university R&D Agenda and Programs includes an array of researchable areas/activities along the eight fields of science: agriculture, business and economics, industry and energy, education, fisheries, health, forestry, and environment.

Research Title Duration
STUDY 1. Microbial and Physico-chemical Assessment of Quiaoit River2021 - 2022
Evaluation of the Oplan Saguip Quiaoit River towards enhanced community-based solid waste and water quality management2021 - 2022
Microbial and physic-chemical assessment of Quiaoit River2021 - 2022
Gender-Based Tracer Study of the BS Hospitality Management Graduates of SY 2014-20182021 - 2021
Gender-based tracer study of BS Hospitality Management graduates2021 - 2022
Gender-based tracer study of graduates in the degree programs at the College of Business, Economics and Accountancy2021 - 2022
Gender-based tracer study of BS Accountancy graduates2021 - 2022
Problem solving difficulties assessment among mathematics students (Study 1)2021 - 2022
Gap analysis between graduates' competency requirement2021 - 2022
Problem solving performance through coping strategies in mathematics: A comparison2021 - 2022
Model Building Towards Improving Problem-Solving and Coping Strategies of Mathematics Students2021 - 2022
In-vitro antihypertensive activity and gene expression analysis of Psychotria luzoniensis2021 - 2021
Coping strategies identification in problem sloving among mathematics students2021 - 2022
LC-MS/MS-based metabolite profiling and In-vitro anticancer evaluation of the Philippine endemic Cinnamomum abacardium Kostern2021 - 2021
Establishment of Data Analytics Infrastructure for Improved Health and Agriculture Monitoring and Reporting towards Government Digitalizations2021 - 2024
Employers' feedback on the performance of graduates in the degree programs at the College of Business, Economics and Accountancy2021 - 2022
Gender-based analysis on the employability and competency level of College of Business, Economics and Accountancy graduates2021 - 2022
Motus, nutimentum, Captum: Integrated health and wellness through one health development approach for sustainable development of Ilocano communities2021 - 2021
Optimization and Full Automation of 10 Liter Lab Scale Distillers2021 - 2021
Enhancing Coastal Design and Infrastructure Intervention through the Establishment of Wave Testing Facility2021 - 2024
Optimization and utilization of developed food products for agripreneurship2021 - 2022
Assessment, Monitoring, and Prediction of Coastal Flooding of Selected Municipalities in Region I2021 - 2024
Standardization and verification of processing parameters including analyses of developed food products2021 - 2022
Design and development of packaging and labelling of developed food products2021 - 2022
Processing and production of quality food products2021 - 2022
Promotion and marketing of quality food products2021 - 2022
Development and evaluation of nipa-based bioethanol products of Mariano Marcos State University2021 - 2022
Establishment of Coastal Engineering and Management Research and Development Center (CoastER)2021 - 2024
Development of farm products, supply and material inventory management system2021 - 2024
Development of crop management and production system2021 - 2024