R&D Thrusts and Programs

The university R&D Agenda and Programs includes an array of researchable areas/activities along the eight fields of science: agriculture, business and economics, industry and energy, education, fisheries, health, forestry, and environment.

Research Title Duration
Effect of Potassium and Phosphorus Fertilization on the Growth, Yield and Storability of Ilocos White Garlic Cultivar2017 - 2020
Sustaining Crop Productivity in Climate Vulnerable Areas in Ilocos Norte through Science and Technology Community-Based Farm on Climate Resilient Technologies2017 - 2019
Enhancing organic rice production through utilization of microbial2017 - 2020
Enhancing productivity and quality of aromatic rice cultivars through improved cultural and postharvest management practices and product development2017 - 2020
Sustainable Seed Support System of Vegetable Land Races and Other Crops in Ilocos Norte through Community-based Approach2017 - 2020
Perceptions of success among MMSU graduates under the expanded tertiary education equivalency and accreditation program (ETEEAP)2017 - 2018
What every beginning reader should know: The first 1000 commonly used Ilokano words/ A dictionary of the First 1000 Commonly Used Ilokano Words2017 - 2018
Mother Tongue-Based-Multilingual Education-The MMSU-LES Experience: Basis for the Development of a Professional Learning Program2017 - 2018
Performance evaluation of promising indigenous timber species in different management strategies under hilly denuded condition in Ilocos Norte2017 - 2021
The Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies of BS Entrepreneurship Students Batch 20162017 - 2017
Accelerating, Promotion and Adoption of Less-known Yam production and utilization technologies Through Capacity Building approach2017 - 2020
Development of seismic maps and estimating earthquake risk in MMSU main campus2017 - 2017
Assessment and selection of suitable indigenous timber species under denuded hilly areas in Ilocos Norte2017 - 2021
Investigation on the Properties of Bokashi and Development of Its Application Technology2017 - 2020
Species-site suitability assessment of some indigenous timber species in denuded areas2017 - 2021
Evaluation of the Genetic Structure of Selected Garlic Populations in Ilocos Using Microsatellites for the Non-conventional Breeding of an Improved Variety2017 - 2018
Decoding the Cultural Hermeneutics of I.N. Hymns and Marches2017 - 2018
Optimization of Silica Synthesis from Rice Hull for Advance Ceramic Applications2017 - 2018
Development of Porous Ceramics Utilizing Ilocos Norte Red Clay Deposits for Evaporative Cooling Application2017 - 2018
Development of Postharvest Strategies to Prolong the Shelf Life of Bulb Crops and Vegetables Grown in the Ilocos (Project)2017 - 2020
Screening and Evaluation of Indigenous Plants for Health and Other Applications2017 - 2019
Screening and Evaluation of Indigenous Plants for Health Application2017 - 2019
Phenologcal events and pest incidence of different varieties of garlic in Ilocos Norte2017 - 2019
Multilocation trial of different promising varieties of garlic (Phase II)2017 - 2020
Pest and natural enemies associated in garlic as affected by change in environment2017 - 2020
Livelihood on Coastal Resources in Selected Coastal Areas in Ilocos Norte: Socio- Economic Dimension2017 - 2019
Sustainable Seed Production of Tomato Hybrids for Off-Season Planting (Proj)2017 - 2020
A corpus-based exploration on lexical innovations in L2 writings across generations: The case of Ilocano speakers of English2017 - 2019
Assessment of the status of pigeonpea production as a climate-change adaptation crop in Ilocos Norte2017 - 2019
Evaluation and enhancement of the research directorate management information system (RDMIS) application and its information systems quality2017 - 2019