R&D Thrusts and Programs

The university R&D Agenda and Programs includes an array of researchable areas/activities along the eight fields of science: agriculture, business and economics, industry and energy, education, fisheries, health, forestry, and environment.

Research Title Duration
Length of Storage of Tomato Using the Improved Tomato Storage Technology2014 - 2015
Employability of Physical Therapy Graduates (2008-2012) of Mariano Marcos State University)2014 - 2014
Accounting Practices of Agricultural Firms in Ilocos Norte, Philippines: Toward Development of Accounting Systems for Agriculture2014 - 2014
Women Empowerment Through Organic Vegetable Production: Commercialization of the Synthetic Chemical-Free Production of Bottlegourd2014 - 2014
Evaluation of the Adoption of MMSU Generated Technologies: A Case Study of MMSU Glutinous 1 and Vermicomposting2014 - 2014
Safe Ambulation Rehab Using Kawayan Orthopedic Devices (Project SARUKOD)2014 - 2015
Assessment of the Climate Change Adaptation Programs/Strategies of Institutions in Ilocos Norte Towards a Resilient Rice-based Production (Study 3)2014 - 2016
Evaluation of Different Mulching Materials for the Control of Weeds and Major Pests in Solanaceous Vegetables During the Wet Season (Study 1)2014 - 2016
Commercial Production of Quality Seedlings of the NSIC Registered/Different Fruit Crop Germplasm (Study 5)2014 - 2024
Promotion, Development and Distribution of IEC Materials (Study 6)2014 - 2024
Micropropagation and Nursery Management Techniques of MMSU SRO Sweet Jackfruit (Langka) (Study 2)2014 - 2016
Enhancing Productivity in Wet Season Vegetable Production Through Intercropping (Study 3)2014 - 2016
In vitro Propagation of Breadfruit (Study 1)2014 - 2016
Institutionalizing a Sustainable Fruit Crops Germplasm Collection and Commercialization for Climatic Change Adaptation, Biodiversity Conservation, Health Promotion, Agri-Ecotourism and Income Generation2014 - 2024
Impact of Climatic Variation in the Productivity of Garlic2014 - 2020
Effect of planting dates on the productivity and yield performance of different varieties of garlic2014 - 2017
Trends in Enrollment and Graduates of the College of Aquatic Sciences and Applied Technology, Mariano Marcos State University2014 - 2014
Development of Value-Adding Products and By-Product Utilization of Cassava for Subsistence Households (Study 3)2014 - 2016
Establishment and Maintenance of Foundation/Scion Grove (Study 4)2014 - 2024
Selection and Registration of Outstanding Cultivars (Study 3)2014 - 2024
Characterization, Evaluation and Utilization of MMSU Cassava Collections for Subsistence Households in Marginal Areas of Ilocos Norte2014 - 2016
Germplasm Characterization of MMSU Cassava Collections in the Ilocos (Study 1)2014 - 2016
On-Farm Trial of Cassava Varieties in the Ilocos (Study 2)2014 - 2016
Development of Bittergourd Pureline for Wet Season Planting2014 - 2015
Varietal Evaluation of Promising ICRISAT Peanut Genotypes at MMSU for Drought Tolerant Areas (Study 4)2014 - 2020
Varietal Evaluation of Promising Mungbean Lines and Varieties at MMSU (Study 3)2014 - 2016
Varietal Evaluation of Promising Soybean Lines and Varieties at MMSU (Study 2)2014 - 2015
Performance of Solanaceous Vegetables as Affected by Organic and Inorganic Fertilizer Application During the Wet Season (Study 2)2014 - 2016
Single nucleutide polymorphism (SNP) and association analysis of growth hormone on bovine population in the Ilocos by PCR-RFLP2014 - 2017
Establishment/Maintenance of Fruit Crops Germplasm Collection (Study 1)2014 - 2024