Evangeline Galacgac - Researcher Profile


Research Directorate

Science Research Specialist II


Email Address: eva_galacgac@yahoo.com


Ms. EVANGELINE S. GALACGAC is an agricultural engineering graduate at the Mariano Marcos state University.

As a researcher, she spearheads the implementation of researches along agrometeorology with special applications on crop production management in response to climate change. Her researches have led to the development of cropping calendar in different agro-ecological zones of Ilocos Norte which have been modified recently in adaptation to climate change, and pest management scheme for garlic production.  She had explained scientifically traditional/folkloric weather forecasting. . 

As counterpart personnel of the MMSU-PAGASA-PCARRD Agrometeoreological station in Batac, Ilocos Norte, she analyzes weather data and come up with an agroclimatic information/forecast which is highly helpful to farmers, researchers, and policy makers in planning their farm/research activities and policy implications, respectively.  Her technical expertise is supportive to various degree programs through print and lecture. Stakeholders have also benefited from the analyzed weather data. The information developed are now available at MMSU Website.  Additionally, her research papers were presented orally and as poster in international, national and regional scientific conferences and published in both refereed and non-refereed journals.

Research Publication

  • Evangeline S. Galacgac, Charito G. Acosta, Nathaniel R. Alibuyog. 2014. Variability of Rainfall and Temperature in Ilocos Norte, Philippines. MMSU Science and Technology Journal. Volume 3; Issue Num. 2; January 2014; ISSN2012-0060
  • Evangeline S. Galacgac, Criselda M. Balisacan. 2009. Traditional Weather Forecasting Methods in Ilocos Norte. Agriculture in the Ilocos. Volume 4; December 2009
  • Dionisio S. Bucao; Rodel T. Utrera; Maria Concepcion B. Birginias; Evangeline S. Galacgac. 2009. Effect of Tillage Practices and Fertilizer Levels on the Performance of Major Rice-based Crops Under Rainfed Lowland Condition in MMSU. Agriculture in the Ilocos. Volume 4; December 2009
  • Evangeline S. Galacgac; Criselda M. Balisacan. 2009. Traditional Weather Forecasting for Sustainable Agroforestry Practices in Ilocos Norte Province, Philippines. Forest Ecology and Management: Traditional Forest-related Knowledge in Asia (Elsevier Journal). Volume 257; Issue Num. 10; April 2009; ISSN0378-1127
  • Galacgac, E. S.; Balisacan, C. M.. 2003. Traditional Weather Forecasting Methods in Ilocos Norte. Philippine Journal of Crop Science. Volume 26; Issue Num. 1; March 2003; ISSN0115463X