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Mrs. Menisa A. Antonio is a plant genetic resources specialist, spearheading the sustainable conservation and promotion of important plant species in Ilocos Norte.  As a conservation enthusiast, her research works led to the taxonomic identification of the wild Dioscorea “buga”, characterization and evaluation of the health potential of indigenous food plants (IFP), establishment of a botanical garden of IFPs, germplasm conservation of traditional upland rice varieties, and selection of high-yielding traditional rice varieties, among others.
She currently occupies a University Researcher I position under the Research Directorate. She finished BS in Biology at MMSU and MS in Plant Genetic Resources Conservation and Management at the University of the Philippines Los Banos, Laguna. 

Research Publication

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  • Menisa A. Antonio; Rodel T. Utrera; Epifania O. Agustin; Dionisio L. Jamias; Araceli J. Badar; Miriam E. Pascua. 2010. Indigenous Food Plants (IFPs) for Increased Productivity Food Sufficiency in Ilocos Norte, Philippines. SEAMEO-SEARCA Policy Brief Series Issue Num. 3; June 2010; ISSN1656-8818
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