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Dr. Nathaniel R. Alibuyog presently holds the rank of Professor IV at the Mariano Marcos State University. He is actively involved in Instruction, Research and Extension activities. Currently, he is designated as the Dean of the College of Engineering. Dr. Alibuyog earned his BS in Agricultural Engineering from MMSU in 1994, Cum Laude, and landed as Second Placer in the Professional Agricultural Engineering Licensure Examination given by the Philippine Regulation Commission in September 1994.

He started his career as a Science Aide of the Rainfed Lowland Rice Research Consortium. In March 1995, he joined the Department of Agricultural Engineering of MMSU as an Instructor. While at MMSU, he pursued MA in Education major in Mathematics at the MMSU Graduate School where he finished all the academic requirements. He later pursued MS in Agricultural Engineering major in Land and Water Resources Engineering at the University of the Philippines Los Baños under the National Research and Development Scholarship for Agriculture and Fisheries (NaRDSAF) which he completed in 2003. After a year, he was awarded with the SEAMEO-SEARCA scholarship to pursue Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering major in Land and Water Resources Engineering in the same university.

As a researcher, he has been conducting several GIA-funded researches which include: (1) Comprehensive Irrigation R&D Umbrella Program: Aquifer Characterization in Region I funded by the Department of Agriculture; (2) Harnessing GIS and Remote Sensing Technology towards Improved Agricultural Productivity and Governance funded by CHED amounting to PhP 10M; (3) National R&D Program on Watershed Management: Quiaoit River Watershed funded by PCAARRD amounting to PhP 8.6M; (4) Integrated RDE Program towards Building a Climate Resilient Agriculture in the Philippines funded by DA-Region I amounting to PhP 2.0M; (5) Detailed Mapping of Agricultural, Forest, and Natural Resources in Northern Luzon (Region I) funded by PCIEERRD amounting to PhP 12.71M; and (6) Science and Technology Park Model: An Integrated Approach towards the Commercialization of Food and Innovative Materials Utilizing Biological and Non-Metallic Resources of Ilocos Norte funded by CHED amounting to PhP 17M. With these research funds, he has been able to acquire state-of-the-art facilities and equipment and developed an Environmental Monitoring Laboratory at the Crops Research Laboratory. With the new acquisitions, the university is now in a better position to conduct quality researches along precision agriculture, harnessing GIS, remote sensing, and crop modeling technologies; and produce detailed and high-accuracy nationwide resource maps as well as to facilitate technology transfer through research product commercialization.

As a manifestation of his leadership, productivity and sense of responsibility for the research money his projects received, Dr. Alibuyog sees to it that his research works contribute to the advancement of science and to the body of knowledge by publishing his research works in reputable refereed journals. At present, Dr. Alibuyog had already published 7 research papers in refereed journals of which two of these are published in ISI indexed journal. Likewise, he has received several awards and recognitions both at the local, regional, and national levels. Among the notable National Awards he received are the AFMA Best R&D Paper (2013), 2nd Best R&D Paper (2013), AFMA R&D Paper Award (2012), Best Paper (Environmental Science Category) (2009), National R&D Paper Award (2005), Best Paper (Physical Science Category) (2004), and AFMA R&D Paper Award (2003).

Dr. Alibuyog also served as a technical expert during in-house and commodity research reviews which contributed to the overall improvement of research papers. He also served as a resource speaker in various symposia and conferences within the country and in other countries as well. 

Research Publication

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  • Virgilio Julius P. Manzano, Jr., Nathaniel R. Alibuyog. 2014. The Hydrological Capacity of the Quiaoit River Watershed (QRW). MMSU Science and Technology Journal. Volume 4; Issue Num. 1; June 2014; ISSN2012-0060
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