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Ms. Maingelline B. Vivit is a graduate of the Mariano Marcos State University with a degree Bachelor of Science in Biology. She also completed her master’s degree in Biology at the same university.

She is presently working with other researchers at the Tuklas Lunas Development Center of this institution that spearheads research on the discovery of potential drug sources from indigenous plant species in Ilocos. She is involved in various activities in the field of phytochemistry and some in-vitro biological screenings.

Research Publication

  • Antonio, Menisa A., Vivit, Maingeline, B.. 2018. Phytoconstituents and in vitro anti-oxidant activity of selected indigenous vegetables in the Ilocos. Science and Technology Journal. Volume 7; Issue Num. 2; January 2018; ISSN2012-0060