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Invention Patent # Inventor(s) Date Issued Product Category Purpose
Process of detoxifying karrot 22018000754 Noralyn Legazpi VIna May Cabugon Christine Quiapo Lea Agbigay 03/20/2019 Utility Model The utility model has its object the process of detoxifying or removing the toxic content of “karot” (Dioscorea hispida. ‘Karot’ is a local favorite food and is very promising for the product development but the bottleneck to explore its potential is a sanitary detoxification process, considering that the traditional method is considered unsanitary. The developed process is deemed more sanitary and yielded to edible detoxified ‘karot’. This now pave the way for a more extensive work on the utilization of ‘karot’ for food product development.
Process of Preparing “kamangeg” (Dioscorea luzunensis) cheesecake 22017000210 Noralyn B. Legazpi Lea C. Agbigay Vina Cabugon Christine B. Quiapo 05/28/2018 Utility Model The utility model pertains to a process of producing cheesecake utilizing “kamangeg” (Dioscorea luzonensis); its main ingredient comprising of 100% yam puree, a crust to give strength to the cake, and a topping to make it more palatable and appealing. Specifically, the ingredients consist of: 1. For the cheesecake: 1.5 box (8Oz) cream cheese, 7T white sugar,1/8 all-purpose cream,1 ¼ cup yam puree, and 2 pc egg. 2. For the crust: 1 cup graham crumbs, 1/8 cup whte sugar, and 2T melted butter; 3. For the toppings: 1 cup java plum and 1 cup white sugar.
Composition of Dioscorea luzonensis (kamangeg) Cheesecake 22016000419 Noralyn B. Legaspi Lea C. Agbigay Vina May R. Cabugon Christine B. Quiapo 09/21/2016 Utility Model This utility model pertains to the composition of yam cheesecake utilizing a specie of the less known yams Dioscorea luzonensis. The crust is composed of 1 cup Graham crust, 1/8 cup white sugar, and 2 tablespoon melted butter, the cheesecake is composed of 1 ¼ cup Dioscorea luzonensis puree, 8oz (1.5 box) cream cheese, 7 tablespoon white sugar, 1/8 cup all-purpose cream, ¼ cup yoghurt, and 2 pcs egg, while the toppings is 1/2 cup java plum ( Syzygium cumini) jam and 1 cup white sugar. Also, the sweet-sour taste of the java plum jam topping perfectly compliment the sweet cheesy flavor of the cheesecake making it more palatable and appealing.