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Science Research Analyst I


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Mary Ann B. Gorospe has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Mariano Marcos State University. She is a member of the Information Technology team of the Research Directorate and a co-worker of the R&D Management Infomation System (RDMIS) project. She was also involved as project staff of the Agriculture and Fisheries Research and Development Information System (AFRDIS) funded by DA-BAR and Sustainable Renewable Energy Development through Gender Upstreaming (SURE-UP) project funded by DOE.

Research Publication

  • Badar, Araceli J., Antonio, Menisa A., Agustine, Epifania O., Bucao, Dipnisio S., Gorospe, Mary Ann B.. 2019. Growth and yield performance of traditional upland rice varieties in low elevation upland agro-ecosystem. Science and Technology Journal. Volume 7; Issue Num. 2; January 2019; ISSN2012-0060
  • Charlie B. Batin, Dionisio L. Jamias, Erle Stanley G. Damaso and Mary Ann B. Gorospe. 2015. Documentation of Dipterocarp Species in Second Growth Forest in Selected Municipalities of Ilocos Norte. National Academy of Science and Technology. Volume 37; Issue Num. Issue No. 1; July 2015; ISSN0115-8848