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Ms. Corazon Diana A. Pastor is presently involved in Livestock, Forage and Meat processing researches of the University Research and Development Directorate based at the Crop Research Laboratory or CRL.  She is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture major in Animal Science at this university. 

Ms. Pastor had undergone trainings to boast her confidence in the conduct of various researches in line with her specialization such as: Research Techniques Related to Salt Tolerance Studies in Crops and Forage Production with Saline Water and Utilization of Economic Crops for Arid Zones both at Ben-Gurion Univ. of the Negev, State of Israel, Training Course On Research Design/Statistical Analysis and Data Interpretation and Research and Development Methods and Techniques for Livestock and Poultry Commodities both at the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic, Forestry, and Natural Resources and Development (PCAARRD), Experimental Design and Data Analysis at the Philippine Rice Research Institute, City of Batac, Farming Systems Research and Extension Approach and Rural-based Enterprise Building Process Training at this University the Mariano Marcos State University and Worksshop cum Seminar on Bioassay and Phytochemical Techniques at the University of the Philippines College Baguio, Baguio City.

She is presently the Project Leader of the Livestock, Forage, Poultry and Meat Processing Commodity and Laboratory Chief of the R&D Directorate.

Research Involvement

RoleResearch Title
Study LeaderBenchmark Information on Native Pig Production Management Practices in Ilocos Norte
Co-WorkerDevelopment and Assessment of Organic Production Management Technologies for Rice-based and Upland Agroecosystem (Proj 1)
Project LeaderDevelopment of Strategies for Lamb Production in an Organic Ecosystem
Project LeaderDevelopment of Strategies for Livestock Production in an Organic Farming System (Proj. 3)
Co-WorkerDevelopment Strategies on the Production Management Practices and Profitability of Raising Native Pig in Ilocos Norte
Study LeaderDocumentation and Morphological Characterization of the Philippine Native Chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus) Strains in Ilocos Region
Study LeaderDocumentation on the Indigenous Uses and Recipes of the Native Animals
Project LeaderDocumentation, Characterization and Identification of Native Chicken and Pigs in Ilocos Norte
Study LeaderFormulation and Evaluation of Different Mutton Recipes
Project LeaderGenetic Improvement and Conservation of the Indigenous Sheep in Ilocos Norte
Study LeaderGrowth Performance of Lamb Raised in an Organic Ecosystem
Co-WorkerLaying Performance of Native Hen Fed with Different Feeding Materials
Study LeaderOrganic Production Strategies for Napier Grass (Study 1)
Co-WorkerPerformance Evaluation of Native Chicken under Improved Rearing Practices
Co-WorkerPerformance of Growing Native Chickens under Different Feeding Materials
Project StaffPigeonpea (Cajanus cajan L.) Production and Utilization as Feed for Sheep and Poultry
Co-WorkerPreservation and Management of the Ilocos Native Chicken
Study LeaderProgeny Testing of Sheep

Research Publication

  • Roseminda R. Sair, Corazon Diana A. Pastor, Benito B. Balneg. 2013. Growth and Yield Performance of Promising Napier Grass Accessions as Affected by the Frequency of Chicken Manure Application. MMSU Science and Technology Journal. Volume 2; Issue Num. 1; January 2013; ISSN2012-0060
  • Floramante C. Pastor, Sosimo Ma. Pablico, Diana A. Pastor, Lea C. Agbigay, Joey A. Ramoran, Facundo B. Asia. 2006. Current State of Padsan River, Ilocos Norte: Extent of Pollution and Its Causative Factors. International Seminar-Workshop on Integrated Water Resource Management September 2006
  • Floramante C. Pastor, Ma. Victoria O. Espaldon, Diana A. Pastor, Erle Stanley G. Damaso. 2006. Land Use Effects on Water Resource of the Sand Dune Ecosystem in Ilocos Norte, Philippines. International Seminar-Workshop on Integrated Water Resource Management September 2006
  • Epifania O. Agustin; Stanley C. Malab; Joselito I. Rosario; Corazon Diana A. Pastor; Araceli J. Badar. 2000. Alley Cropping Scheme for Hilly Land Farming in Semi-Arid Zones. Agriculture in the Ilocos: Farm Information and Technologies. Volume 2; July 2000
  • Victor V. Alpuerto; Ethelynda B. Alpuerto; Marylis A. Nalundasan; Rolando C. Ruguian; Corazon Diana A. Pastor; Sosimo Ma. Pablico. 1999. Non-chemical Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for Rainfed Lowland Rice. Agriculture in the Ilocos: Farm Information and Technologies. Volume 1; September 1999