Lea Agbigay - Researcher Profile


Research Directorate

University Research Associate II


Email Address: lea_elangarden@yahoo.com


Ms. Lea Castillo Agbigay is a development communication graduate at the Mariano Marcos State University. Because of her educational background, she is primarily engaged in publication works of the Research Directorate particularly in the refereed journal and in the production of information, education, and communication materials. She is the managing editor of MMSU S&T Journal, the official scientific journal of MMSU. In terms of research activities, she serves as a co-researcher in research projects which focus is on various commodities such as organic agriculture, health, pigeonpea production, and less-known yam.

Research Publication

  • Stanley C. Malab; Beatriz S. Malab; Jose A. Zafaralla; Angelina A. Tagay; Lea C. Agbigay. 2009. Enhancing Recovery of Rice Hull, Chichacorn and Bamboo Processing Wastes as Bioenergy Source and Environmental Mitigation. Agriculture in the Ilocos. Volume 4; December 2009
  • Floramante C. Pastor, Sosimo Ma. Pablico, Diana A. Pastor, Lea C. Agbigay, Joey A. Ramoran, Facundo B. Asia. 2006. Current State of Padsan River, Ilocos Norte: Extent of Pollution and Its Causative Factors. International Seminar-Workshop on Integrated Water Resource Management September 2006
  • Romeo S. Abrina; Leticia A. Lutap; Mario I. Remolacio; Lea C. Agbigay. 2004. Bio-organic Farming for Sustained Crop Production in the Ilocos. Agriculture in the Ilocos: Farm Information and Technologies. Volume 3; January 2004
  • Stanley C. Malab; Jose T. Agustin; Sosimo Ma. Pablico; Benilda A. Agustin; Lea R. Castillo; Jowie A. Ramoran, Segundino U. Foronda. 1999. Kawayan Technology. Agriculture in the Ilocos: Farm Information and Technologies. Volume 1; September 1999