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Dr. Criselda M. Balisacan completed her PhD in Rural Development in 2010.  Her switching from Master of Agricultural Studies (major in Soil Physics) to Rural Development was due to her designation as then Chief of the Regional Center on Poverty Studies (RCPS) from 2005 to 2011.                    

Dr. Balisacan’s training on “Assessing Development Projects’ Impacts on Poverty” as SEARCA Fellow in 2005 ignited her interest to work on impact assessment research.  She was a project staff and coordinator of study on “Impact Assessment of the KALAHI KARABAN Program of the NEDA-RDC Region 1“ in 2007-08.  Also, the RCPS had a collaborative study with the Asia Pacific Policy Center in 2007 specifically on the survey component of the research on “The Effects of Parents Migration on the Rights of Children Left Behind.” 

Her research involvements focused on assessing climate change impacts on rice-based livelihood, enhancing rural livelihood through pigeonpea-based family enterprise, poverty profiling, and integrated resource management for land use analysis.

She is at present the Assistant Director of the R&D Directorate and Head of the Technical Department and the MMSU Gender and Development Focal Person.  

Research Publication

  • Evangeline S. Galacgac, Criselda M. Balisacan. 2009. Traditional Weather Forecasting Methods in Ilocos Norte. Agriculture in the Ilocos. Volume 4; December 2009
  • Evangeline S. Galacgac; Criselda M. Balisacan. 2009. Traditional Weather Forecasting for Sustainable Agroforestry Practices in Ilocos Norte Province, Philippines. Forest Ecology and Management: Traditional Forest-related Knowledge in Asia (Elsevier Journal). Volume 257; Issue Num. 10; April 2009; ISSN0378-1127
  • Galacgac, E. S.; Balisacan, C. M.. 2003. Traditional Weather Forecasting Methods in Ilocos Norte. Philippine Journal of Crop Science. Volume 26; Issue Num. 1; March 2003; ISSN0115463X