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Mr. Benito B. Balneg finished his bachelor's degree in Agriculture major in Animal Science from the Mariano Marcos State University. He was involved in the project Genetic improvement and conservation of sheep in Ilocos Norte. His research interest includes feeding management of sheep and forage production management.

Research Involvement

RoleResearch Title
Co-WorkerBenchmark Information on Native Pig Production Management Practices in Ilocos Norte
Co-WorkerDevelopment and Assessment of Organic Production Management Technologies for Rice-based and Upland Agroecosystem (Proj 1)
Project StaffDevelopment of Strategies for Lamb Production in an Organic Ecosystem
Co-WorkerDevelopment Strategies on the Production Management Practices and Profitability of Raising Native Pig in Ilocos Norte
Co-WorkerDocumentation and Morphological Characterization of the Philippine Native Chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus) Strains in Ilocos Region
Co-WorkerDocumentation on the Indigenous Uses and Recipes of the Native Animals
Co-WorkerDocumentation, Characterization and Identification of Native Chicken and Pigs in Ilocos Norte
Study LeaderEfficacy of Alternative Methods/Organic Control Agents for External and Internal Parasites (Study 3)
Co-WorkerFormulation and Evaluation of Different Mutton Recipes
Co-WorkerGenetic Improvement and Conservation of the Indigenous Sheep in Ilocos Norte
Co-WorkerGrowth Performance of Lamb Raised in an Organic Ecosystem
Study LeaderLaying Performance of Native Hen Fed with Different Feeding Materials
Study LeaderPerformance Evaluation of Native Chicken under Improved Rearing Practices
Study LeaderPerformance of Growing Native Chickens under Different Feeding Materials
Project LeaderPigeonpea (Cajanus cajan L.) Production and Utilization as Feed for Sheep and Poultry
Study LeaderPreservation and Management of the Ilocos Native Chicken
Co-WorkerProgeny Testing of Sheep

Research Publication

  • Roseminda R. Sair, Corazon Diana A. Pastor, Benito B. Balneg. 2013. Growth and Yield Performance of Promising Napier Grass Accessions as Affected by the Frequency of Chicken Manure Application. MMSU Science and Technology Journal. Volume 2; Issue Num. 1; January 2013; ISSN2012-0060