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Ms. Maria Concepcion B. Birginias is a registered Agriculturist. She is actively working as full time researcher of the Research Directorate. She graduated Bachelor of Science in Agriculture major in Soil Science and a minor in Agricultural Extension and Horticulture. She also earned 24 units in Master of Science in Agriculture major in Crop Science both in Mariano Marcos State University.

She is involved in various externally-funded projects as well as MMSU-GAA funded projects. At present, she is working on the Hydrous bioethanol production and bioprocessing of lignocellulosic biomass of agricultural non-food wastes. She is also working on the different long term field experiments in organic production management and optimization of crop water requirements of major rice-based.

Research Publication

  • Shirley C. Agrupis, Roque A. Ulep, Maria Concepcion B. Birginias, Fiorello B. Abenes. 2014. Production, Characterization, Testing, and Evaluation of the MMSU Hydrous Bio-ethanol Potentials as a Village-Scale Enterprise. MMSU Science and Technology Journal. Volume 4; Issue Num. 1; June 2014; ISSN2012-0060
  • Dionisio S. Bucao; Rodel T. Utrera; Maria Concepcion B. Birginias; Evangeline S. Galacgac. 2009. Effect of Tillage Practices and Fertilizer Levels on the Performance of Major Rice-based Crops Under Rainfed Lowland Condition in MMSU. Agriculture in the Ilocos. Volume 4; December 2009
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