Artemio Alcoy - Researcher Profile


College of Agriculture, Food and Sustainable Development

Professor VI


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Research Publication

  • Artemio B. Alcoy. 2007. Plant to Plant Yield Variabilitiy of Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam) as Affected by Planting Material and Time of Harvest. MMSU Science and Technology Journal. Volume 1; Issue Num. 1; December 2007; ISSN2012-0060
  • Dionisio S. Bucao; Artemio B. Alcoy; Epifania O. Agustin; Charito G. Acosta. 2004. Irrigation and Nitrogen Fertilization Strategies for Bontoc Pepper. Agriculture in the Ilocos: Farm Information and Technologies. Volume 3; January 2004