Pio Belen Jr - Researcher Profile


Research Directorate

Science Research Specialist I


Email Address: piogbelenjr@yahoo.com.ph


Mr. Pio G. Belen, Jr. graduated as Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education, major in Agronomy at the Mariano Marcos State University, City of Batac, Ilocos Norte. He is presently employed as Researcher and while working, he was led to study and graduate with a Master of Agriculture degree specializing in Agronomy.

As a researcher, he worked on the different researches on Legumes especially on Varietal Evaluation, Screening and Cultural Management aspect of grain legumes especially Ilocos Cowpea 1 (ICP1). In addition, he is now working on Root Crops specifically sweet potato where he keeps on collecting different sweet potato varieties/accessions to sweet potato growers in the Ilocos Region and other places where this crop is commonly grown and these served as germplasm in his research study.


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