University Innovation Technology Support Office (UITSO)

Vision, Mission and Goal


The MMSU-ATBI is envisioned to be the center for research-based technology promotion and commercialization in North Luzon towards sustainable community development.


The MMSU-ATBI is committed to innovate, transfer, and commercialize knowledge products through the effective and efficient collaboration of industry partners sharing resources and technology.


Our goal is to provide services for the transfer and commercialization of research-based technologies in the region.

ATBI Activity 6

Potential Beneficiaries of ATBI

  • Seed and Development Stage Businesses
  • Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Industries that are engaged in genetic, extractive or manufacturing
  • Start-up Stage Businesses

Services and Assistances Offered

  • Physical Premises - Office space, Training and Conference Rooms
  • General Business Services - Access to laboratories, equipment, clerical and technical assistance, access to library materials
  • Professional Business Services - Legal and intellectual property-related matters, accounting and auditing services, product design and development trainings, branding and packaging
  • Management and Business Strategy Services - Preparation of research and development strategies and programs, business plans, marketing plan and financial plan
  • Financial Support Matching and Financial Consultation - Financing support (Source, terms, grants, investments)
  • Networking - Networking and establishing partnership with pool of experts and mentors