Accommodations personnel, utility workers trained on hospitality operations

By Czarina Berlynn Donne Agustin


To further capacitate them to deliver quality services, accommodation personnel and utility workers of the Mariano Marcos State University undergo capability-enhancement training on hospitality operations.


Personnel under the Business Directorate that deliver various university services are being trained on food, beverage, and lodging accommodation operations from April to July.


“There has to be standards in our operations so we can deliver consistent quality service to our guests,” said Dr. Sheila Baquiran, accommodation chief and training technical working group chair.


In line with the Project GINTO (Generating Innovations to Nurture Tourism Sites Towards Outstanding Operations and Outcomes) of the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management, the program kicked off with its first training on good housekeeping held on April 25-27 which was attended by 15 accommodation personnel. It preceded a training on clean public area, facilities and equipment held on May 18-19 with 32 utility worker-participants.


Training sessions on landscaping and maintenance, front office procedures, food production and service, food safety management, food production and presentation, bread and pastry production, and food and beverage service will follow.


Next month, MMSU frontliners will undertake training on professional development in the workplace, including seminars on projecting a professional image and effective customer service. 


Dr. Angelina B. Abrojena, the dean of the College of Business, Economics and Accountancy, said the activity aims to prepare the income-generating projects personnel and university utility workers to carry out their tasks, thus, improving work performance.


“Participants are expected to apply and produce higher quality outputs for our clients,” Dean Abrojena added.


Committed to providing high impact extension services, MMSU President Shirley Agrupis said “we will actively implement programs where we can harness potentials, strengthen capabilities and develop competencies of all our employees to cultivate excellence in all corners.” (JVBT/HLY,StratCom)