The R&D Officials

Name Designation
Marilou P. Lucas, Ph.D. Director of Research
Criselda M. Balisacan, PhD Assistant Director & Department Head, Technical Department
Engr. Rodel T. Utrera Department Head, General Services
Dionisio S. Bucao, Ph.D. Department Head, Knowledge & Technology Management and Monitoring & Evaluation
Menisa A. Antonio Department Head, Special Projects and Activities

Technical Department

Name Designation
Noralyn B. Legaspi Section Chief, Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Natural Resources and Environment
Menisa A. Antonio Section Chief, Natural Sciences
Constante B. Julian Section Chief, Social Sciences, Humanities and Education
Erle Stanley G. Damaso Section Chief, Health
Susan G. Aquino, Ph.D. Section Chief, Interdisciplinary Research
Jose A. Zafaralla Section Chief, Business, Engineering and Industry

General Services

Name Designation
Corazon Diana A. Pastor Section Chief, Laboratory
Jocelyn A. Bernabe, Ph.D. Section Chief, Seed Banking
Mario I. Remolacio Section Chief, Farm Operations and Motorpool

Special Projects and Activities

Name Designation
Leticia A. Lutap Section Chief, Special Projects (Domestic and Foreign Assisted)

Knowledge and Technology Management And Monitoring and Evaluation

Name Designation
Evangeline S. Galacgac Section Chief, Monitoring and Evaluation
Lea C. Agbigay Section Chief, Knowledge and Technology Management
Dionisio S. Bucao, Ph.D. Section Chief, Technology Commercialization and IP Management

College Research Coordinators

Name College
Shirley C. Agrupis, Ph.D. Graduate School
Prof. Ciriaco T. Ragual College of Arts and Sciences
Oscar M. Agpaoa, Ph.D. College of Business, Economics and Accountancy
Prof. Maura Luisa S. Gabriel College of Agriculture, Food and Sustainable Development
Prof. Gemma G. Galutira College of Health Sciences
Prof. Vida V. Antonio College of Teacher Education
Ms. Fairie Anne P. Acebedo College of Industrial Technology
Engr. Reynold M. Caoili College of Engineering
Mr. Jerick Christian P. Dagdagan College of Aquatic Sciences and Applied Technology