Garlic Research Center (GRC)

Garlic Research Center

The GRC was established through a Board Resolution No. 37-121-S s.2017 under the supervision of the Research Directorate (RD) and whose funds shall come from the RD budget and from possible funding sources and donations. The Center stands as a core unit for Research, Development and Extension as part and parcel of the Mariano Marcos State University's bids endeavors to revitalize and increase the productivity, profitability and sustain the seed system of the "White Gold" of the Ilocanoes

Center Researchers

Name Designation Educational Attainment Position Title
DIONISIO S. BUCAO Center Chief PhD Soil Science Supervising Education Program Specialist
MARISSA I. ATIS Researcher Master in Agriculture Education Program Specialist I
NORALYN B. LEGASPI Researcher MS Agriculture - Crop Science University Researcher I
LETICIA A. LUTAP Researcher Master in Agriculture - Crop Protection Education Program Specialist II
ALECSIS G. VILLARIN Researcher Master of Science in Crop Science Science Research Assistant
JONATHAN R. RAMOS Researcher BS Agriculture - Horticulture Science Research Assistant
MILEN FILEZA M. INOCENCIO Researcher BS Agriculture - Crop Science Science Research Assistant
MERCY FAUSTA R. GAÑO Researcher BS Development Communication University Researcher I