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Invention Process of Roasting Shelled Peanuts
Patent # 22016000416
Inventor(s) Leticia A. Lutap; Jonathan R. Ramos; Alecsis G. Villarin
Date Issued 09/21/2016
Product Roasting Shelled Peanuts
Category Utility Model
Purpose This utility model pertains to the process of roasting shelled peanuts. The process involved in roasting shelled peanut involves the following steps: Washing the freshly harvested peanuts with clean water and sundry for seven days. After drying, remove the shell of the peanut. Wash sea sand with clean water and drain. Preheat the sea sand in the cooking vessel. Place the peanut on the preheated sea sand. Spray or sprinkle salted water every 1 minute interval of cooking. Continuously stir the peanut and the sea sand with the use of wooden ladle. Peanut will take about 25-30 minutes to be cooked in low fire. Strainer is used to remove the fine sand. Spread the peanuts on a tray and let it cool down. After cooking, remove the peel of the peanut after it is dusted with fine cloth.