Patents/Utility Models

Invention Patent # Inventor(s) Date Issued Product Category Purpose
Programmable Toggle Switch 1-2009-000272 Thomas D. UbiƱa; Willen Mark D. Manzanas 04/30/2013 Programmable Toggle Switch Invention Provide novel unlimited multi-location electrical switch with short/open circuit isolation.
Composition of Kawayan Charcoal Briquettes (KCB) - On-going Application 2-2011-000523 Stanley C. Malab; Angelina A. Tagay; Jose A. Zafaralla 10/27/2011 KCB Utility Model Provide a novel charcoal briquettes from waste biomass materials with desirable qualities.
Biomass Briquetter - On-going Application 2-2011-000522 Stanley C. Malab; Jose A. Zafaralla 10/27/2011 Biomass Briquetter Utility Model For compacting biomass granules or powdered materials and to produce charcoal briquettes.
Multi-Commodity Heat Pump Dryer 2-2010-000199 Samuel S. Franco; Lorcelie B. Taclan 05/12/2010 Multi-Commodity Heat Pump Dryer Utility Model Dry fruits and vegetables
Bamboo Splitting Machine 2-2010-000198 Jose A. Zafaralla; Stanley C. Malab 05/12/2010 Bamboo Splitting Machine Utility Model For splitting bamboo poles, more particularly to produce straight and uniform width splits.