R&D Thrusts and Programs

The university R&D Agenda and Programs includes an array of researchable areas/activities along the eight fields of science: agriculture, business and economics, industry and energy, education, fisheries, health, forestry, and environment.

Research Title Duration
Trends in Enrollment and Graduates of the College of Aquatic Sciences and Applied Technology, Mariano Marcos State University2014 - 2014
Benchmark Information, Evaluation and Improvement on the Postharvest Handling/Packaging Practices of Traders/Vendors on Eggplant and Other Vegetables in the City of Batac, Ilocos Norte2014 - 2016
Institutionalizing a Sustainable Fruit Crops Germplasm Collection and Commercialization for Climatic Change Adaptation, Biodiversity Conservation, Health Promotion, Agri-Ecotourism and Income Generation2014 - 2024
In vitro Propagation of Breadfruit (Study 1)2014 - 2016
Micropropagation and Nursery Management Techniques of MMSU SRO Sweet Jackfruit (Langka) (Study 2)2014 - 2016
Increasing Wet Season Production of Solanaceous Vegetables Through Improved Cultural Management Practices2014 - 2016
Design and Fabrication of an Automated Vulcanizing Machine for Motorcycle and Bicycle Inner Tubes2014 - 2014
Evaluation of Different Mulching Materials for the Control of Weeds and Major Pests in Solanaceous Vegetables During the Wet Season (Study 1)2014 - 2016
Performance of Solanaceous Vegetables as Affected by Organic and Inorganic Fertilizer Application During the Wet Season (Study 2)2014 - 2016
Varietal Evaluation of Promising Soybean Lines and Varieties at MMSU (Study 2)2014 - 2015
Varietal Evaluation of Promising Mungbean Lines and Varieties at MMSU (Study 3)2014 - 2016
Varietal Evaluation of Promising ICRISAT Peanut Genotypes at MMSU for Drought Tolerant Areas (Study 4)2014 - 2020
Development of Bittergourd Pureline for Wet Season Planting2014 - 2015
Bioactivity and Product Development of Potential Species of Seaweeds from Ilocos Norte2014 - 2014
Characterization, Evaluation and Utilization of MMSU Cassava Collections for Subsistence Households in Marginal Areas of Ilocos Norte2014 - 2016
Germplasm Characterization of MMSU Cassava Collections in the Ilocos (Study 1)2014 - 2016
Regional Disaster Science and Management S&T Capacity Development Project (Phase II)2014 - 2016
Documentation and Identification of Parasites and Diseases of Lamb Raised in an Organic Ecosystems2014 - 2016
Benchmark Information on Native Pig Production Management Practices in Ilocos Norte2014 - 2016
Documentation and Morphological Characterization of the Philippine Native Chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus) Strains in Ilocos Region2014 - 2016
Development Strategies on the Production Management Practices and Profitability of Raising Native Pig in Ilocos Norte2014 - 2016
Establishment/Maintenance of Fruit Crops Germplasm Collection (Study 1)2014 - 2024
Documentation on the Indigenous Uses and Recipes of the Native Animals2014 - 2016
Documentation, Characterization and Identification of Native Chicken and Pigs in Ilocos Norte2014 - 2016
Alternative Medicine: Complementary or Shift?2013 - 2014
Phenological Assessment of Selected Dipterocarps and Premium Indigenous Timber Species in Ilocos Norte2013 - 2017
An Impact Assessment of the Community Involvement Program of the Department of Computer Science2013 - 2014
Germplasm Collection, Evaluation, Characterization, Management Practices and Utilization of Sweet Potato in the Ilocos2013 - 2016
Development and Evaluation of Nursery Techniques of Selected Dipterocarps and Other Indigenous Timber Species Using Stem Cuttings2013 - 2016
Utilization of Alginophytes in the waters of Ilocos Norte2013 - 2013