R&D Thrusts and Programs

The university R&D Agenda and Programs includes an array of researchable areas/activities along the eight fields of science: agriculture, business and economics, industry and energy, education, fisheries, health, forestry, and environment.

Research Title Duration
Ethno-Medicinal Documentation and Biophysical Characterization of Herbal Plant used by Traditional Medical Practitioners in the Rural Areas of Ilocos Norte2020 - 2023
Development of Agro-Ecological Pest Management Strategies in Garlic2020 - 2022
Assessment of Health-related Diseases among Farmers in the Province of Ilocos Norte2020 - 2021
Increasing garlic productivity through higher planting density, improved nutrient management and plant growth promoter application2020 - 2022
Development of a soilless method for agri-fishery resilient-production technology (SMART)2020 - 2022
Development of a controlled indoor propagation nursery for clean garlic planting material2020 - 2022
Development, Deployment and Monitoring of Bioethanol Distillers, And Maintenance Of Deployed Distillers In Support To Model Nipa Stand Farm2020 - 2021
Documentation and Identification of Potential Anti-Dengue Herbal Plants in the Province of Ilocos Norte2020 - 2022
Development of Feeds for Monogastric Animals from Underutilized Indigenous Rootcrops2020 - 2022
Establishment of Nipa R&D Support Facility, Productivity Assessment of Existing Nipa Stands in Region 1&2 and Coordination of the National Nipa Plantation2020 - 2020
Stakeholders’ Participation in Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation (PIME) of Tourism Programs and Services in Ilocos Norte and Their Roles in Delivering Sustainable Tourism.2020 - 2021
Sustainable seed production of the registered and developed garlic and solanaceous crop2020 - 2023
Growth performance, carcass quality and nutrient digestibility of native chicken fed with “buga” and “ube ti bantay”2020 - 2022
Growth performance, carcass quality and nutrient digestibility of native pigs fed with “buga” and “ube ti bantay”2020 - 2022
Cohort Survival Rate of the College of Business, Economics and Accountancy K to 12 Student Entrants Towards the Development of Intervention Programs and Initiatives2019 - 2021
Improving glutinous corn (Zea Maize var. ceratina) productivity through varying planting distances and fertilizer rates2019 - 2022
Stakeholders’ Satisfaction Survey for Northern Foods Corporation2019 - 2020
Research and Development for Wild Edible Mushrooms in Ilocos Norte (Project)2019 - 2022
Exploration, Identification and Characterization of Wild Edible Macrofungi in Ilocos Norte (Study 1)2019 - 2022
Assessment of the sustainability and management of resources in the different areas2019 - 2021
Payment for ecosystem services and willingness to pay of tourists in different tourists areas2019 - 2021
Assessment and evaluation of the ecosystem services in the different ecosystems and tourists areas2019 - 2021
Characterization of the physical, biological, sociological and ecological condition of the different tourists areas in Ilocos Norte2019 - 2021
Valuation of Ecosystem Services for Sustainable Utilization and Management of Resources2019 - 2021
Verification, promotion and impact assessment on the use of the MMSU tomato storage technology2019 - 2019
Financial Management Practices of Tourism Support Businesses In Ilocos Norte.2019 - 2020
Cancer Chemotherapeutic Potentials of Terrestrial Plants Endemic to Ilocos Norte2019 - 2020
Immunomodulatory Role of Terrestrial Plants Endemic to Ilocos Norte2019 - 2020
Development of production management technologies on alokon2019 - 2021
Tour Guiding Practices and Competencies of Tricycle Drivers in the City of Batac and Paoay Ilocos Norte2018 - 2020