R&D Thrusts and Programs

The university R&D Agenda and Programs includes an array of researchable areas/activities along the eight fields of science: agriculture, business and economics, industry and energy, education, fisheries, health, forestry, and environment.

Research Title Duration
Shelf life studies, stirability and viability of garlic planted at different dates2017 - 2019
Establishment of a Community-based Bioethanol Industry and Continued Research and Development on the Feasibility of Hydrous Bioethanol as Biofuel Blend2016 - 2017
2017 Citizen Satisfaction Report for Laoag City, Ilocos Norte2016 - 2017
Innovation of Modified Smoke House2016 - 2017
Evaluation on the pre-formulation, formulation and stability parameters of dragon fruit2016 - 2018
Nutritional Analysis of Dragon Fruit Food Products2016 - 2018
Pre-Formulation, Formulation and Quality Assessment of Dragon Fruit Products2016 - 2018
Assessment on the pre-formulation, formulation and stability of Dragon Fruit herbal supplements2016 - 2018
Evaluation of Different Sweet Potato Accessions in the Ilocos (Sty. 1)2016 - 2018
Research and Development on Black Garlic Production and Food Product Development2016 - 2018
Enhancing the adoptability of organic-based technologies through the establishment of a techno demo farm2016 - 2020
Resource and biological assessment of corals, seaweeds, seagrasses, mangroves, invertebrates, fin fishes and integrated coastal resources management program in Ilcos Norte2016 - 2018
Research and Development on the Indigenous Vegetable Alokon (Broussonetia luzonica)2016 - 2022
Development of a Technology to Increase the Productivity of the Less-Known Yam Species2016 - 2022
Development of Value-adding Processed Products of Sweet Potato (Sty 3)2016 - 2018
Development of Cultural Management Technology for the Increased Productivity of the Less-known Yam Species (Study 2)2016 - 2022
Evaluation of Different Varieties/Accessions of Less-known Yam Species for Yield and Acceptability (Study 1)2016 - 2022
Enhancing the Economic Potentials of the Less-known Yam Species Through Product Development (Study 3)2016 - 2022
Enhanced Production System and Development of Value Adding Products of Sweet Potato in the Ilocos (Proj)2015 - 2019
Needs and Problems of Mariano Marcos State University Students with Absentee Parents2015 - 2015
Profile of dragonfruit growers and assessment of dragonfruit industry in Ilocos Norte2015 - 2016
Pagbuo at Pagbalideyt ng Batayan at Sanayang Aklat sa Filipino 1 at 22015 - 2016
Pagbuo at Pagbalideyt ng Batayang-Sanayang Aklat ng Masining na Pagpapahayag2015 - 2016
Compliance of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program Recipients on Prenatal and Postnatal Services in Ilocos Norte2015 - 2016
An Assessment of the Incidence of Common Illnesses Among Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program Beneficiaries: A Basis for the Improvement of Preventive Health Services2015 - 2016
Adoption of the Improved Tomato Storage Technology by Rural Women/Housewives2015 - 2015
Laying Performance of Native Hen Fed with Different Feeding Materials2015 - 2017
Performance of Growing Native Chickens under Different Feeding Materials2015 - 2017
Design, Fabrication and Evaluation of a Mobile Cloth Press Electric Flat Iron2015 - 2015
Performance Evaluation of Native Chicken under Improved Rearing Practices2015 - 2017