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NL Llapitan is assigned as member of the University Center for Gender and Development’s (UCGAD) Technical Working Group for six years and Gender Mainstreaming & Monitoring System just last year. Her main tasks at the UCGAD is to coordinate and facilitate the implementation of gender mainstreaming efforts of the University; coordinate with external agencies and ensure meaningful participation in GAD strategic and annual planning exercises; assist in the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of GAD PPAs; and provide regular updates, recommendations, and progress reports of the center. These tasks exposed her on the three-fold function of the University: instruction, research, and extension. Her involvement in GAD research PPAs like the Gender Role in Coastal Resources Management, Women Adoption on Chemical-free Production Technology of Bottlegourd among others, exposed her on the rigorous yet fulfilling endeavor particularly in the field of social research. In addition, she also renders service as University Intellectual Property office (UIPO) staff. Her main task is to prepare and process IP applications/reports.

Her exposure in the field of social research made her realize that human resources play a significant role in the development process – no matter how good or award winning a technology/ invention/development initiative is, when it is not shared, learned, or used by the intended stakeholders – the cycle of development will not be completed. Her Bachelor’s Degree in Development Communication, which she earned in this University, instilled the importance of communication in all areas of development. Believing that learning is a continuous process, she is presently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Rural Development.

As a newly designated Research Assistant, she knows that she still has so much more to learn. There will be challenges along her assigned tasks but she will take it as opportunities for career growth because she always have this positive views in everything that comes her way. She has the faith that as long as she stands on solid ground with the Lord, everything happens according to His plan.   

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