Center for Innovative Materials in Emerging Applications (CIMEA)

CIMEA Laboratory

CIMEA focuses on the conduct of R&D activities towards material innovation utilizing local sources. It takes charge in the consolidation of MMSU’s researches in the fields of emerging materials and their applications in nanotechnology, agriculture, climate and environment; alternative and sustainable energy, and naturally-existing materials development. activities towards material innovation utilizing local sources.

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  • Conduct basic and applied R&D for innovative materials utilizing local resources
  • Capacity building and training of researchers and potential S&T personnel
  • Develop green technology concrete and advanced ceramics like porcelain and porous ceramics for various industrial uses
  • Prototype design and fabrication, testing and evaluation of green concrete and advanced ceramics
  • Technology dissemination and transfer
  • Technology commercialization

Center Researchers

Name Designation Educational Attainment Position Title
Engr. ARLENE MIA G. RUGUIAN Center Chief MS Materials Science and Engineering Assistant Professor II
EMIE SALAMANGKIT MIRASOL Professor in Ceramic Engineering Master of Science in Material Science Assistant Professor IV
ANDREW C. DOÑO Instructor in Ceramic Engineering/ He is involved in various funded project as well as MMSU-GAA funded projects Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering Instructor III

Research Projects

  • Development of cleaner and safer technologies for application to industrial wastewater, waste management, safe and potable drinking water, and other pressing environmental problems
  • Mapping and characterization of metallic and non-metallic raw materials in Ilocos Norte
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Nanosilica from Rice Hull Ash-Based Na2SiO3 Solution at Different pH Endpoints and Calcination Temperatures
  • Development of Macro Porous Ceramic Water Filter Utilizing Locally Available Raw Materials in Ilocos Norte