Patent/Utility Model Details

Invention Method of Making Ready to Cook Glutinous Corn Kernels
Patent # 22015000336
Inventor(s) Angelina B. Abrojena
Date Issued 07/25/2016
Product Corn Kernels
Category Utility Model
Purpose The utility model pertains to a method of making ready to cook glutinous corn kernels as corn snacks. The present utility model comprises of selecting, drying, boiling with lime, washing, soaking, rewashing and draining, reboiling, rewashing and draining, sun drying and sorting. Sun drying said tenderized glutinous corn kernels under the sun for at least three days to remove moisture. Sorting the fully dried tenderized glutinous corn kernels to remove impurities and overcooked corn kernel and packing into suitable containers to avoid contamination and spoilage and ready for cooking into desired foodstuffs.