Patent/Utility Model Details

Invention Process of Preparing “Kamangeg” (Dioscorea luzunensis) Cheesecake
Patent # 22017000210
Inventor(s) Noralyn B. Legazpi; Lea C. Agbigay; Vina Cabugon; Christine B. Quiapo
Date Issued 05/28/2018
Product Kamangeg Cheesecake
Category Utility Model
Purpose The utility model pertains to a process of producing cheesecake utilizing “kamangeg” (Dioscorea luzonensis); its main ingredient comprising of 100% yam puree, a crust to give strength to the cake, and a topping to make it more palatable and appealing. Specifically, the ingredients consist of: 1. For the cheesecake: 1.5 box (8Oz) cream cheese, 7T white sugar,1/8 all-purpose cream,1 ¼ cup yam puree, and 2 pc egg. 2. For the crust: 1 cup graham crumbs, 1/8 cup whte sugar, and 2T melted butter; 3. For the toppings: 1 cup java plum and 1 cup white sugar.