Patent/Utility Model Details

Invention Composition of Canton Noodles made from Seaweed “kanot-kanot” (Eucheuma gelitanae)
Patent # 22017000286
Inventor(s) Susan G. Aquino; Erle G. Damaso; Delia A. Rebucal; Zenaida M. Agngarangay
Date Issued 01/29/2018
Product Canton Noodles
Category Utility Model
Purpose This Utility model pertains to the composition of seaweed canton noodles utilizing a seaweed specie known kanot-kanot particularly known as Eucheuma gelatinae. The seaweed noodle is composed of 70% kanot-kanot powder and 30% all-purpose, egg vegetable oil, and water. Make a dough, strip, cut into desired length and cook with oil. Coil and let it drip then packed.