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Invention Isolated Fermenting Yeast
Patent # 12020000052
Inventor(s) James Paul Madigal; Shirley C. Agrupis
Date Issued 07/26/2021
Product Isolated Fermenting Yeast
Category Invention
Purpose The invention relates to a strain of yeast which is acidic and high temperature tolerant and identified as Pichia kudriavzevii isolated from Nypa fruticans sap fermentation. Moreover, the present invention Pichia kudriavzevii can ferment three different alcohol fermentation medium comprising: (a) synthetic medium (Yeast Peptone Dextrose Broth); (b) molasses-based medium; and (c) simulated nipa-based medium. The said Pichia kudriavzevii produces high ethanol using simulated nipa-based medium.