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Invention Method of Cultivating Telosma Procumbens (Utility Model)
Patent # 22019000281
Inventor(s) Menisa Antonio; Lucrecia Conchita Cocson; Lagrimas Flojo
Date Issued 07/24/2020
Product Method of Cultivating Telosma Procumbens
Category Utility Model
Purpose The present invention pertains to the method of cultivating the wild vegetable Telosma procumbens using propagated vine cuttings as planting materials. The method comprises the steps of: a) vine cutting propagation by pre-soak treatment in 5 honey or commercial rooting solution, b) transplanting and field establishment, c) fertilizer application, d) irrigation, e) trellis construction, and f) annual rejuvenation by pruning. The cutting propagation technique enhances propagule rooting and survival; while the remaining component techniques all result to high yield and net income. The complete technology can be recommended for backyard or home gardening and 10 commercial production of an originally wild-growing edible species Telosma procumbens.