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Invention Fermentation Process of Nypa Fruticans Sap
Patent # 12018050380
Inventor(s) Shirley C. Agrupis; Roque Ulep; James Paul Madigal
Date Issued 03/09/2020
Product Fermentation Process of Nypa Fruticans Sap
Category Invention
Purpose The present invention involves a fermentation process for the production of wine and 5 hydrous ethanol from Nypa fruticans sap comprising the steps of: fermenting Nypa fruticans sap for at least 3 days, measuring the sugar content of the Nypa fruticanssap using refractometer if it has reached 4 ┬░Brix using a refractometer, and distilling the fermented Nypa fruticans sap following the standard procedure to obtain a 95% hydrous ethanol using a reflux distilling apparatus. The fermentation process is done under facultative anaerobic condition to obtain a 10 higher alcohol/ethanol yield.