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Invention Method of Propagating Pistilate Propagules of Momordica cochichinensis
Patent # 22018000753
Inventor(s) Menisa Antonio; Lucrecia Conchita Cocson; Lagrimas Flojo
Date Issued 01/15/2020
Product Method of propagating pistillate propagules of Momordica cochichinensis
Category Utility Model
Purpose The present utility model pertains to the method of propagating pistillate propagules of Momordica cochichinensis using cuttings. The method comprises the steps of: a) collecting mature vines with 7-10 cm diam. From existing pistillate plants, b) cutting of mature vines by every two nodes, c) pre-soaking the proximal end of the cutting in honey solution comprised of 30 ml honey per 3.75 gal wter for 5 hours, d) planting the cuttings in 10cm x 15cm polyethylene bags filled with soil media consisting of 1:1:1 ordinary garden soil-organic fertilizer-decomposed rice hull, e) keeping the pots in shade, f) covering them with transparent plastic for 2 weeks to minimize evapotranspiration, g) weekly watering pots until the growing propagules reached desired height.