R&D Thrusts and Programs

The university R&D Agenda and Programs includes an array of researchable areas/activities along the eight fields of science: agriculture, business and economics, industry and energy, education, fisheries, health, forestry, and environment.

Research Title Duration
Evaluation of shallot varieties for true seed production2024 - 2027
Promotion of Developed Organic-based Technologies2024 - 2027
Validation of Organic-Based Technologies for Enhanced Adoption2024 - 2027
Evaluation of the storability of different shallot varieties/accessions2024 - 2027
Performance evaluation of the local shallot selection “Vintar Multiplier”2024 - 2027
Evaluation and Varietal Development of the Local Shallot Selection "Vintar Multiplier"2024 - 2027
Performance of Dry-Season Crops Under Organic Farming System2024 - 2027
Validation of organic-based products and management technologies.2024 - 2027
Multi-location trial of the different shallot varieties in major shallot-growing areas.2024 - 2027
Assessment and evaluate the effectiveness of bio-fertilizers vegetable (tomato, eggplant, ampalaya, okra)2024 - 2027
Evaluation of fermented sweet sorghum juice on the growth and yield of selected vegetable crops2024 - 2027
Effect of fermented sweet sorghum juice as a pest-repellent for selected vegetable crops2024 - 2027
Technology Demonstration and Mass production of Bio-Fertilizer in Ilocos Norte2024 - 2027
Development of a Bio-fertilizer processing facility in the university2024 - 2027
Upscaling the Usability of Bio-Fertilizers for common vegetables in Ilocos Norte2024 - 2027
Assessing the Financial Viability and Efficacy of Using Fermented Sweet Sorghum Juice as a Sustainable Foliar Fertilizer and Bio-Pesticide for Selected Vegetable Crops in Ilocos Norte2024 - 2027
• Maximization and optimization of pigeon pea nutri-based products as a source of livelihood2024 - 2024
Enhancing Mushroom Production through the Development of Smart System for Mushroom Cultivation.2024 - 2026
Enhancing Mushroom Production through utilization of local agricultural waste.2024 - 2026
Enhancing Mushroom Production through Tissue Culture Spawn Production.2024 - 2026
Enhancing Stability of Crude Extracts in Topical Dosage Forms2024 - 2026
Formulation and Optimization of the Microencapsulation of Crude Extracts from Selected Indigenous Plants for the Development of Anti-inflammatory Oral Dosage Forms2024 - 2026
Assessment of Soil Fertility in the MMSU Farm2024 - 2029
Promoting Resilient Agriculture: A Comprehensive Study of Soil Fertility and Groundwater Potential in the MMSU Farm2024 - 2029
Assessment of Groundwater Quality in the MMSU Farm2024 - 2029
Design and Development of an Intellectual Property Management System of the Mariano Marcos State University.2024 - 2026
Assessment of Groundwater Availability in the MMSU Farm2024 - 2029
Modeling of Groundwater Level in the MMSU Farm2024 - 2029
Satisfaction Level of Employers on the Job Performance of Mariano Marcos State University Pharmacy Graduates for 2017-20222024 - 2024