R&D Thrusts and Programs

The university R&D Agenda and Programs includes an array of researchable areas/activities along the eight fields of science: agriculture, business and economics, industry and energy, education, fisheries, health, forestry, and environment.

Research Title Duration
Satisfaction Level of Employers on the Performance of Mariano Marcos state University pharmacy Graduates for 2017-20222024 - 2024
Evaluation of the effect of maturity of fruit vegetables (high value crops (cucurbits, solanaceous)) and leguminous crops (mungbean, pigeonpea, and other crops) on the seed quality after storage.2024 - 2026
Postharvest Strategies in the Improvement of the Qualities of Agronomic and Horticultural Crops2024 - 2026
Evaluation of the physicochemical and antioxidant properties of the different maturity of the freeze dried fruits and fruit vegetables (Papaya, mango, okra, tomato, cucurbit crops, and other high value crops)2024 - 2026
Elimination of Common Garlic Viruses using a Combination of Thermotherapy, Chemotherapy and Tissue Culture and Validation through RT-PCR2024 - 2025
Evaluation of the effect of maturity of fruits on the seed quality after storage (Custard apple, papaya, duhat, sugar apple, and tamarind)2024 - 2026
Evaluation of the seed quality of primed seeds of agronomic and horbcultural crops (White corn, teosinte, leguminous crops, tomato, eggplant, pepper, and sugar apple)2024 - 2026
A GIS-Based Site Suitability Assessment System for Sustainable and Productive Fish Rearing2024 - 2025
Investigation of the effect of 1-MCP on ripening and shelf life of fruits and fruit vegetables (banana, mango, avocado) and fruit vegetables (tomato, bell pepper)2024 - 2026
Project Lazarus: Reviving the Dragon Fruit Industry in Ilocos Norte through S&T Intervention2024 - 2025
The Production of Microgreens Using Vegetables in llocos Norte to Achieve Food Security and Sustainability2024 - 2026
Optimizing Yield and Bulb Quality of shallot (allium cepa var. agregatum) as Influence by Planting Density and Nutrient Management2023 - 2025
Development of a Porous Ceramic-Based Material for Water Softening Applications2023 - 2025
Students’ Oral Communication Apprehension: Basis for the Development of Communicative-Based Activities in Purposive Communication2023 - 2024
Epidemiology of Internal Parasites in Ilocos Norte2023 - 2024
Assessment of the Status of Pigeon Pea Production and Consumption in Ilocos Norte and Its Acceptability as a Climate Change Adaptation Crop2023 - 2024
Assessment of the economic viability of pigeon pea as a climate change adaptation crop2023 - 2024
Documentation of farmers’ knowledge and practices on pigeon pea production, seed system and utilization2023 - 2024
Evaluation of farmers’ acceptance of the pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan) as a climate-change adaptation crop2023 - 2024
Production of IEC materials for Promotion and Commercialization of Pigeon Pea Nutri-based Products2023 - 2025
Promotion and Marketing of Pigeon Pea Nutri-Based Products2023 - 2025
Maximization and Commercialization of Pigeon Pea Nutri-Based Products as a Source of Livelihood2023 - 2025
Development and Formulation of Pigeon Pea Nutri-Based Products2023 - 2025
Service Quality Among Mariano Marcos State University Accommodation Establishments2023 - 2024
Application of Biofloc-Based Culture System for Nile Tilapia in “Tank”2023 - 2024
Utlization of waste plastic for construction2023 - 2023
Study 3: Stakeholders’ Level of Attainment of the University Vision and Mission, College Goals and Program Outcomes of the Different Degree Programs Offered by the College of Business, Economics and Accountancy2023 - 2023
Verification, pilot application, and optimization of the production and processing technologies of less- known yam species (kamangeg, karot, tugui) for sustainable commercialization2023 - 2025
Improving the Learning and Teaching of Logic Formulation using the Design Thinking Framework2023 - 2023