R&D Thrusts and Programs

The university R&D Agenda and Programs includes an array of researchable areas/activities along the eight fields of science: agriculture, business and economics, industry and energy, education, fisheries, health, forestry, and environment.

Research Title Duration
Varietal Improvement of Glutinous Corn, Seed Production and Maintenance of MMSU GLut I2014 - 2018
Design and Development of a Proto-type Exhaust Gas Booster System Used to Propel/Drive Engine Accessories Specifically Alternator Motor of an Automobile Engine2014 - 2016
Men and Women in the Aquaculture Fishery in Ilocos Norte2014 - 2016
Financial Management Practices of Tourism Businesses in Ilocos Norte2014 - 2015
Germplasm Conservation and Selection of Promising Traditional Upland Rice Varieties in Ilocos Norte2014 - 2016
Evaluation of the Agronomic Performance of Traditional Upland Rice Under Lower Elevation Upland Areas of Batac, Ilocos Norte2014 - 2015
Evaluation of Agronomic Performance and Seed Multiplication of Traditional Upland Rice Varieties in Rainfed Lowland Ecosystem2014 - 2016
Germplasm Conservation of Traditional Upland Rice Varieties in Ilocos Norte2014 - 2016
Graduate Tracer Study of the BS Accountancy Graduates SY 2009-2010 to SY 2012-20132014 - 2014
Awareness, Acceptability and Relevance of the Physical Therapy Program in Mariano Marcos State University2014 - 2014
Distribution/Occurrence of the Leading Diseases in Ilocos Norte (Study 2)2014 - 2015
Documentation of the Leading Diseases in the Province of Ilocos Norte (Study 1)2014 - 2015
Documentation and Analysis of the Climate-Related Health Impacts in the Province of Ilocos Norte (Project)2014 - 2015
Accounting Practices of Agricultural Firms in Ilocos Norte, Philippines: Toward Development of Accounting Systems for Agriculture2014 - 2014
Employability of Physical Therapy Graduates (2008-2012) of Mariano Marcos State University)2014 - 2014
Predictors of Performance of MMSU Graduates in the CPA Licensure Examination2014 - 2014
Length of Storage of Tomato Using the Improved Tomato Storage Technology2014 - 2015
Women Empowerment Through Organic Vegetable Production: Commercialization of the Synthetic Chemical-Free Production of Bottlegourd2014 - 2014
Evaluation of the Adoption of MMSU Generated Technologies: A Case Study of MMSU Glutinous 1 and Vermicomposting2014 - 2014
Assessment of the Climate Change Adaptation Programs/Strategies of Institutions in Ilocos Norte Towards a Resilient Rice-based Production (Study 3)2014 - 2016
Establishment and Maintenance of Foundation/Scion Grove (Study 4)2014 - 2024
Characterization of the Different Fruit Crops Germplasm (Study 2)2014 - 2024
Commercial Production of Quality Seedlings of the NSIC Registered/Different Fruit Crop Germplasm (Study 5)2014 - 2024
Establishment/Maintenance of Fruit Crops Germplasm Collection (Study 1)2014 - 2024
Enhancing Productivity in Wet Season Vegetable Production Through Intercropping (Study 3)2014 - 2016
Selection and Registration of Outstanding Cultivars (Study 3)2014 - 2024
Varietal Evaluation of Promising Soybean Lines and Varieties at MMSU (Study 2)2014 - 2015
On-Farm Trial of Cassava Varieties in the Ilocos (Study 2)2014 - 2016
Varietal Evaluation of Promising ICRISAT Peanut Genotypes at MMSU for Drought Tolerant Areas (Study 4)2014 - 2020
Varietal Evaluation of Promising Mungbean Lines and Varieties at MMSU (Study 3)2014 - 2016