R&D Thrusts and Programs

The university R&D Agenda and Programs includes an array of researchable areas/activities along the eight fields of science: agriculture, business and economics, industry and energy, education, fisheries, health, forestry, and environment.

Research Title Duration
Panagpatabon: A Research Documentary on the Burial Practices of Ilocos Norte2022 - 2023
Enhancing the Antioxidant Properties of Pigmented Rice Through Varying Nutrient Management in Rainfed Lowland2022 - 2024
Technology Demonstration of MMSU Hybrid Tomatoes during Wet Season using Conventional and Improved Practices2022 - 2024
Symmetries and Patterns in Ilocos Loom Woven Textiles2022 - 2023
AMResponsible: Knowledge, Attitude and Practices (KAP) on the Use of Veterinary Antibiotics in Ilocos Norte2022 - 2023
Documentation of the Coffee Industry in Ilocos Norte2022 - 2024
Livestock Wastewater Treatment Using Constructed Freshwater Mangrove Wetland: A Nature-Based Solution to Tackle Pollution2022 - 2025
Mental Health Assessment of MMSU Employees Towards Policy-Making2022 - 2023
Antropolohikal na Pagsusuri ng mga Lokal na Ekonomiyang Pamumuhay (Subsistence Economies) sa Ilocos Norte2022 - 2024
Pagbuo ng Kagamitang-Panturo bilang Gabay sa Pag-unawa ng mga Lokal na Ekonomiyang Pamumuhay (Subsistence Economies) sa Ilocos Norte2022 - 2024
Functional Capacity and Quality of Life of Post-COVID 19 Patients in MMSU2022 - 2023
Narratives of Work from Home Scheme During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Case in MMSU2022 - 2023
Antropolohikal na Pagsusuri ng mga Lokal na Ekonomiyang Pamumuhay (Subsistence Econmies) sa Ilocos Norte2022 - 2024
Combined Aerobic and Anaerobic Treatment of Nipa-Based Bioethanol Distillery Spent Wash2022 - 2024
Effect of Contextualized Home-Based Laboratory Activities in Chemistry (CHLAC) on Students’ Achievement and Attitude2022 - 2023
Characterization and Management of Major Lowland and Upland Soils in the Ilocos Norte2022 - 2025
Media Literacy: Basis in Designing a Media Literacy Training for MMSU Employees, Students and Ilokano Youth2022 - 2023
Research and Development Strides of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Technologies Generated by the Mariano Marcos State University2022 - 2022
MMSU – CAS Alumni Community in Social Change and Development2022 - 2023
Instructional Materials in Context-Based Learning on Pop Literature2022 - 2024
Context-Based Instruction in Teaching the Different Genres of Popular Music2022 - 2024
Experiences of Teacher Education Faculty in their Migration to Online Teaching and Learning2022 - 2023
Foregrounding MMSU Students’ Standpoints on Philippine Popular Arts: Bases in Designing and Developing Teaching-Learning Materials2022 - 2024
Increasing Profitability of Tomato Fruits Through Value-Adding Initiatives2022 - 2023
Designing and Developing an Instructional Material (Workbook) for Philippine Popular Culture Course for MMSU Students2022 - 2024
Primary processing and food product development on alokon2022 - 2024
Alignment of the Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELCs) with the Instructional Practices of MMSU Laboratory Schools2022 - 2023
Developing a Blended Instruction Guide for Designing ICT-Based Resources Using SAM-R Model2022 - 2023
Development and Validation of Harmonized Authentic Assessment Model in Teacher Education Courses2022 - 2023