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Science Research Assistant I


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Designated at the National Bioenergy Research and Innovation Center (NBERIC), focusing on solar PV system integration and automation in ethanol production research. Specializes in the design, procurement, and installation of solar PV systems, particularly in university settings. Also specializes in solar pump irrigation systems, harnessing solar energy for efficient agricultural practices. My research works aim to promote sustainable energy solutions.

Research Publication

  • Thomas UbiƱa, Nathaniel Mateo, Roque Ulep, Christopher Baga, Jansenn Sagadraca, Psalm David Pastor, Raymart Villena, Jeremiah Corpuz, Shirley Agrupis. 2021. Design and evaluation of a zero-fossil fuel distiller for bioethanol. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. Volume 749; Issue Num. 1; May 2021; ISSN1755-1315