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Dr. Aris Reynold V. Cajigal is a Professor at the College of Teacher Education and Director for Extension of the university. He teaches physical science and professional education courses in the undergraduate and graduate levels. As a doctoral student of the University of Georgia in 2007 to 2010, he was engaged in collaborative qualitative studies about science teaching, assessment, ethical decision making, and environmental education.  As a researcher, he pursues studies on issues and concerns in science pedagogy, teacher preparation, environmental education, and professional development. He has published research articles in reputable journals. His interest in case writing and pedagogy resulted in a publication of a research article. Likewise, his case teaching material was published in the copyrighted case collection of the William Davidson Institute, University of Michigan. He has also published practitioner articles anchored on empirical studies in academic journals in the Philippines and abroad. He is part of various research teams examining the assessment practices of science teachers, lived experiences of inmates, and community-based extension and outreach programs. He has presented papers in various conferences and fora in the Philippines and abroad. As a mentor, he has served in various students’ research advisory committees

Research Publication

  • Aris Reynold V. Cajigal, Fortune Rhodora R. Baoit Nathan D. Maruquin Princess Jie R. Muska Faith Cristy B. Velasco Mharen Joy F. Ventura. 2018. Promises and dilemmas of participation in environmental projects: Narratives from the young people of Ilocos Norte. International Forum December 2018
  • Aris Reynold V. Cajigal. 2018. Examining the complexities of teaching through case writing. International Journal of Learning and Teaching. Volume 4; Issue Num. 1; March 2018
  • Aris Reynold V. Cajigal, Deborah J. Tippins. 2013. Epistemological and Pedagogical Beliefs of Preservice Secondary Science Teachers on Global Climate Change. MMSU Science and Technology Journal. Volume 3; Issue Num. 1; June 2013; ISSN2012-0060