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College of Veterinary Medicine

Associate Professor III


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Research Publication

  • Lumain, J.P.L.M., Moncada, N.P.D., & Bagot, M.A.. 2022. Setaria from the peritoneal cavity of slaughtered cattle in Leyte, Philippines. The Philippine Journal of Veterinary Medicine. Volume 58; Issue Num. 2; May 2022; ISSN0031-7705
  • Claudine C. Terciño, Carl Leonard M. Pradera, Melvin A. Bagot. 2020. Assessment of the molluscicidal activity of wormwood (Artemisia dubia, Wallich) leaves ethanolic extract on Oncomelania hupensis quadrasi, Möllendorff. Turkish Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. Volume 44; Issue Num. 2; January 2020; ISSN1300-0128
  • Charles Jardian C. Alinsub and Melvin A. Bagot. 2019. In Vitro Molluscicidal Activity of Wormwood (Artemisia dubia) leaves Against Oncomelania hupensis quadrasi. Annals of Tropical Research. Volume 41; Issue Num. 1; January 2019; ISSN2704-3541
  • Perkin Charles N. Ong, Carl Leonard M. Pradera, Melvin A. Bagot. 2018. In Vitro Acaricidal Activity of Lagundi (Vitex negundo L.) Solvent Extract/Fractions against Seed Tick of Rhipicephalus sanguineus Latreille. Journal of Agriculture and Technology Management (JATM). Volume 21; Issue Num. 2; July 2018; ISSN2599-4980
  • Kusin, Ali-Akbar M., Bagot M.A, Lumain JPLM. 2018. In vitro acaricidal efficacy of Neem (Azadirachta indica) oil against ear mites (Otodectes cynotis). Journal of Agriculture and Technology Management (JATM). Volume 19; Issue Num. 2; January 2018; ISSN2599-4980
  • Harvie Potot Portugaliza, Shiela Navarroza Romero and Melvin Ayes Bagot. 2015. Two potentially zoonotic parasites infecting Philippine brown deer (Cervus mariannus desmarest, 1822) in Leyte Island. Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Animal Research. Volume 2; Issue Num. 4; December 2015; ISSN2311-7710
  • Portugaliza, Harvie P. and Melvin A. Bagot. 2015. Different species of lice (Phthiraptera), fleas (Siphonaptera) and ticks (Ixodida) collected from livestock, poultry, reptile and companion animal in Leyte Island, Philippines. Article in Livestock Research for Rural Development. Volume 27; Issue Num. 8; August 2015; ISSN0121-3784